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This page has the transcript for the video A Tad of Christmas Cheer

Prologue: Walking

  • "Once upon a Christmas Eve, there was a town called Alpha…"
  • (Two pigs walking, duck walking, an elephant walking, Tad walks to the dog wearing a santa suit. Tad puts a nickel and waves)
  • "…Bay’s first day of spring and summer vacations"
  • (Edison appears in the sky)
  • Tad: I just can’t wait for Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year. Everyone’s so happy, and filled with Christmas cheer. I just can’t wait! Because Christmas time is near! I just can’t wait! To see what I will get this year.
  • Tad: Leap, is it time yet?
  • Leap: I hear by declare my Winterland Extreme ready to rock!
  • Kids: YAAAAAAAY! Oh boy! (laughing)
  • Parker: Whee!
  • Dan: Yoo hoo!
  • Della Duck: Yam!

Proffesor Quigley's Log Cabin

  • Edison: Ok, here we are, Proffesor Quigley's
  • Tad: What, (looks at a log cabin) this isn't Proffesor Quigley's, there are no factories
  • Edison: Oh, the factories, well, they were never built, you see, Tad...
  • (they see Proffesor Quigley riding on a scooter and heads inside)
  • Tad: There he is, proffesor, wait up.
  • Tad: What's going on, none of the proffesor's inventions are working.
  • Edison: They never did