Anne Marie Nestor

Anne Marie Nestor (b. 1973 in New York, USA) is an American actress who plays extra voices in the LeapPad series. In addition to extra character voices, she plays the voice role of Lily in 2003, twice.

Outside of the LeapPad roles, she plays the voice of Ellie Craft in Magical DoReMi, and movie roles in Turbine and The Louder, The Better.

Acting Roles


  • Turbine - Sarah
  • Old Fashioned - Kelly
  • The Louder, The Better - Sharon
  • Chaos Theory - Waitress


  • One Life to Live - Valentina
  • The O.N.N. - Carly Rudolph


  • Magical DoReMi - Ellie Craft (mistakenly attributed as "Jessica Calvello", another actress who has denied the role)

Video games

  • Kirby series (including Kirby: Right Back at Ya!) - additional voices



  • As a vocalist, she is a soprano.
  • She is the second highest pitched Lily voice, whereas it is somewhat the same in tone, being soft and gentle. The first was Sandy Fox, who was the higher pitched Lily voice.
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