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LunaMouse23 LunaMouse23 31 July 2021

Wiki Adoption


Since this wiki has been without an active administrator for over a decade, I'm requesting to the adopt the wiki. There are dozens of off-topic pages that need attention, as well as updating the wiki's formatting. As per Fandom's guidelines, I'm creating this blogpost so current editors may share their thoughts.

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Justin Noe2010 Justin Noe2010 2 September 2020

ok so i have a question

why is there so many off-topic leapfrog things in here? i thought there were suppost to be leapfrog things in this wiki only...

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Wikilover45 Wikilover45 22 June 2020


How can you tell if a Leapster has Learning with Leap built in? Because as a kid, I used to have a Leapster (a green one with the old early 2000's logo on it, aka the one with the hopping frog) that has it built in, but I don't have it anymore. I plan on getting it from eBay in the future, but with said game built in.

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Sannse Sannse 14 April 2020

How can we help?

Hi, I'm Sannse one of the Fandom staff team. We've been looking at some of the wikis that are currently categorized as "Lifestyle". We would like to move away from lumping together so many varied wikis, and give them a more accurate category. In your case, we have classified this wiki as "Collectibles".

The hope is that with wikis grouped into smaller more focused groups, we can give better and more personalized support. For example, we can give help with wiki design, advice on search engine optimization, and generally just be around for any questions and other needs you have.

We have a short survey that will help us understand what your needs are, and where we can best focus to help you keep building your wiki. I hope you'll participate and…

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Allan Bigtas Allan Bigtas 31 March 2020

Talking Words Factory

Why do all the colors of other letters change to the first color of the beginning letter?

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AwsomeFluttershy AwsomeFluttershy 20 October 2017

Scout's Pirate Adventure (LeapPad2 differences)

The title appears on the pail.

Penny doesn't say "Ahoy!", instead she says "Avast!"

Scout doesn't say "Look over there!"

Frank gives Itchy the bottle.

Eli turns to Timmy with a toothy frown.

The part when Frank and Squiggy land on the Jolly-Belly is cut.

The fish Scout holds in his paw is a different one.

Betsy says "Ahoy!" instead of "Land, ho!"

Penny doesn't ask Frank to use one of his feathers to tickle the giant clam.

Freddy doesn't knock on the oysters.

Seabreeze puts the pearls on the ground.

After the end scene irises out, the LeapPad2 automatically turns off.

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