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Cake and Mice Cream is the 6th Phonic Program book, teaching the concept of long vowels A and I and the Silent e. The interactive book and cartridge are included in the LeapPad Phonics Program on the LeapPad. It is also available in the Plus Writing and Microphone.


Lily and Tad are baking a birthday cake with pink frosting and sprinkles. The mice smell the cake and the kitchen draws out the sweet smell. The mice come from the mouse hole, and Tad helps Lily and the mice with the cake.

One mouse thinks about the cake with words on it and the bike racing around. Another mouse offers Lily a dime when they eat it.

The mice shine the kitchen all up and wiped Tad's face. Lily and Tad cheer the five mice.


Main Characters

Cameo Characters


  • This is the other first LeapFrog book to have voice actress Marie Danielle (aka Sandy Fox) voice Lily, hence her voice becoming more younger and higher-pitched and matching Lily's age in this book since then. The other is Once Upon a Rhyme (for My First LeapPad).