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Talking Words Factory 2: Code Word Caper is the fourth episode by LeapFrog Enterprises. on November 16, 2004, by Porchlight Entertainment and Warner Home Video on VHS and DVD.


Mr. Frog and Professor Quigley open a new factory called the Complex Words Complex. The Frog Kids, Mr. Frog and Professor Quigley enter. Professor Quigley asks Tad if he knows that in the English language there are more than 26 letter sounds. He shows them the Sticky-Ick-O-Rama 2, the Silent E Machine, the CH-SH-TH Sound Machine, and the Walking Vowels Machine. He also informs them. that whenever some says the word "help", the "Absent-minded Professor" appears.

Professor Quigley and Mr. Frog leave the kids with Mr. Websley while they're out at a meeting. Leap accidentally activates the Silent E Machine with his eyes covered, and a vacuum sucks Mr. Websley into the machine, removing his ability to speak. The "Absent-Minded Professor" gives the kids three words to get Mr. Websley's voice back: BAKE, SHUT, and WAIT.

When all three words are found, the "Absent-Minded Professor" leads the group to the Revoicerator. On the door is a microwave-like substance. After Tad figures out that the order of the words go SHUT, BAKE and WAIT, Leap and Lilly put the three words in the microwave. He SHUTS the door to the microwave, BAKES the words, and WAITS until the secret door is open. With the door open, Mr. Websley and one silent E are sucked into another machine with a vacuum. After they come out, the letter E can say it's sound again, and Mr. Websley can finally speak again. Mr. Frog and Professor Quigley return from their meeting. Tad and Mr. Websley conclude the video with a song.

The scene then fades out and the credits roll.



  • This is the last LeapFrog video series to:
    • Be released on VHS.
    • Use the 2000-2004 Frog and a Square LeapFrog logo on its cover
  • In re-releases of this film, they changed the title from Talking Words Factory 2: Code Word Caper to Word Caper


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