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Counting On Zero is a Leapster game. It was released in 2005.


In Professor Quigley's Math Factory, each number has a number of Quidgets, the amount being equal to itself. One of the numbers, Zero, asks Quigley where her quidgets are, and she explains how her numerical value is worth nothing. Zero misunderstands this as an insult and becomes upset, planning to run away from the factory. However, she ends up bumping into a button which activates an emergency sequence, resulting in the Digits and Quidgets becoming separated. Professor Quigley tells Zero that she is the only one who can help return the Quidgets to the Digits, as she doesn't have any. Thus, Zero sets out on a quest to search the factory for the missing Quidgets.




Zones after plugging the Leapster L-Max into the TV

Collect all the quidgets to unlock new Bonus Levels.



In the updated version before the game starts the Nintendo logo appears in the black background

The 3d remake of the game was created with Wii U in 2015.

Counting on Zero is the only Leapster game that was featured by Nintendo.