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Fiesta in the Town! in English (and ¡Party en el Pueblo! in Spanish) is a 2003 LeapPad book available in the LeapPad. The other language book is Fiesta in the House! It is also available as a 'Plus Writing and Microphone' edition. The Spanish text is displayed in red while the English is blue.

Characters & Voice Cast


  • Leap by Pamela Segall
  • Lily by Sandy Fox
  • Tad by Nicole Rapp
  • Ben by Jose Zelaya (also in Spanish)
  • Rosa by Naelee Rae
  • Oscar by Michael Robles (also in Spanish)
  • Sam


  • Leap and Tad by Desireé González
  • Lily by Annie Rojas
  • Rosa by Kathleen Herles


  • Places, People, and Things in Town
  • Numbers
  • Alphabet
  • Food
  • Common Phrases
  • Question Words


There are four icons at the bottom of the page to play a game with English in blue and Spanish in red.

  • Boombox
  • Book
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Clock


Look for this sign:

  • Album

The listener can hear a song.

  • The Counting Cha-Cha-Cha
  • The Alphabet Song (English (blue album) and Spanish (red album) versions)


  • This is the last LeapPad book to have Pamela Segall voice Leap.