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I Know My ABC's! (also known as I Know My Alphabet!) is a My First LeapPad book and cartridge available in the Reading section of the My First LeapPad library. It teaches the whole alphabet, A-Z.

Short Summary

Leap, Lily, Tad, and their mom and dad learn the alphabet, all the way from A to Z, by hearing and seeing everything in between. The player can interact with Leap and his family by playing with letters A-L on the front side, and on the flip side, M-Z!


The narrator for this game is Julie Stevens, but sometimes Christiane Crawford would give directions for the games, even though Julie Stevens directs some of the games (USA). The British version is narrated by Morwenna Banks (UK).


The Alphabet

  • Aa
  • Bb
  • Cc
  • Dd
  • Ee
  • Ff
  • Gg
  • Hh
  • Ii
  • Jj
  • Kk
  • Ll
  • Mm
  • Nn
  • Oo
  • Pp
  • Qq
  • Rr
  • Ss
  • Tt
  • Uu
  • Vv
  • Ww
  • Xx
  • Yy
  • Zz

This book teaches...

  • Letters
  • Phonics
  • Matching
  • Early Love of Learning


Rachael Tobener

TRP Toons

Judy Munsen
Matt McGuire
Jeanne Parson
Ralph Schuckett
(c) 2002 Rounder Records and LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

Song written by
Jeanne Parson

Song Vocal
Christiane Crawford

Julie Stevens

Game Directions
Christiane Crawford
Julie Stevens

Voice Characterizations
Candi Milo as Leap
Lana Whittington as Lily
Nicole Rapp as Tad
Christiane Crawford as Mom
Michael Mendelsohn as Dad
Ron Seawright as Edison

Additional Voices
Matt Adler
Jennifer Blood
Dan Green
Bella Hudson
Liza Kaplan
Eve Lanto
Anne Marie Nestor
Kelly Rae
Kayzie Rogers
Kate Roland
Sean Schemmel
Mike Sinterniklaas
Eric Stuart
Hynden Walch
Tom Wayland
Mollie Weaver
Kerry Williams
Oliver Wyman

UK Storyteller
Morwenna Banks

UK Cast
Susan Sheridan: Leap
Emma Tate: Lily / Mom
Harrison Oldroyd: Tad
David Bamber: Dad
Mike Grady: Edison

Additional UK Voices
Jeremy Douet
Nicolette McKenzie
Meg Hall
Hazel Rudd
Daisy Rudd
David Graham
Morwenna Banks

(c) 2002 LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.


  • This is the first book to have the following voice actors do the roles of the Frog Kids:
    • Candi Milo voicing Leap (this is the first time to actually have Milo voice him, although she did his voice again in the first 2 videos beginning with The Letter Factory)
    • Lana Whittington voicing Lily (the first of 2 only times, the other being Lost and Found)
    • Nicole Rapp voicing Tad (dialogue lines)
  • On the flip side page with “Letters T and U”, we reveal that Tad’s favorite instrument in a marching band is the trombone (Leap has kept it a secret in the Sections of the Band in the original LeapPad model’s demo book, Leap Into Learning).
  • The music for the pages with "Letters D and E" and "Letters T and U" would later be used in 3 of the pages of the LeapPad Phonics Program book, "Alphabet Adventures".
  • The music for the page "Letter M" contains recycled background music from one page from the LeapPad Leap Start book, "Leap's Friends from A to Z".
  • The UK version uses the same format, but has a few differences:
    • All "lowercase" letters (abc) are used instead of the traditional uppercase letters (ABC).
    • Z is pronounced "zed". The original USA version pronounces its name as "zee".
    • On the page with "Letter P" on the flip side, Lily hitting a piñata at a party has been replaced with her befriending a parrot.
    • On the page with "Letter V", the word valentine appears and takes off the word vest (Leap is already wearing it).
    • On the page with "Letters Y and Z", the word zebra is pronounced "zeh-brah" (The original USA version says it as "zee-brah").
  • In the page with the Letter X, The X-Rays is a parody of the British band The Beatles.