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Julie Stevens (born Mar. 22, 1967 in Philadelphia, PA, USA) is an actress, producer, director and singer. She is the voiceover of the narrator of the My First LeapPad books, Leap’s Big Day (in the 2004 re release, directing the English/Spanish games), I Know My ABC's! (shared with Christiane Crawford), Once Upon a Rhyme (also shared with Christiane Crawford), and Tad's Silly Writing Fair, and a female singing voice for the song “20 Little LeapFrogs” for the Learning Screen Karaoke.

She began her performing career at age nine, appearing on Broadway; TV movies, commercials, recording projects and many stage roles followed. Stevens is the also singing voice of Erika in the animated musical feature film, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.

LeapFrog Credits

Voices and Singing

  • Various LeapPad Games - Additional voices and female singer
  • Various LeapFrog toys - Female singer



  • Stevens is the co-director, co-producer of the documentary film, Life After Tomorrow, about the child performers in the musical Annie.
  • She is a graduate of Central High School, New York University (BFA), and Bank Street College of Education (MS).