Kelsey Lally

Kelsey Lally in 2011 or 2012. (picture courtesy of LinkedIn)

Kelsey Elizabeth Lally (born Dec. 8th, 1990) is the original voice actor for Lily in 1999-2001 (when she was 8-10). She currently lives in Costa Mesa, California.

In 1994, her father would take her there and watch all the toys invented by LeapFrog. A few years later, she jumped at a chance to record the voice of Lily for the LeapPad book series and a few other toys in a 3-year-contract.

She took a few singing lessons from actress Desiree Bogas.

She also landed on the only live-action commercial as a girl who learned to read with the LeapPad via TV.

She is currently a model working for a fashion company.


  • She was born on the same day as legendary Irish musician Sir James Galway, except they have different ages.
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