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Kevin Schon (aka Reed Waxman) is an American voice actor and energy entrepreneur who voiced Mr. Frog and Mr. Websley from 2003 to 2004. Both roles were later succeeded by the late Doug Boyd.


  • Mr. Frog (The Letter Factory-Code Word Caper)
  • Mr. Websley (The Letter Factory-Code Word Caper, also the LeapPad Plus Writing game, Reading and Writing: Tad’s Great Day at the Letter Factory)
  • Letter D (The Letter Factory)
  • Letter G (The Letter Factory)
  • Letter L (The Letter Factory)
  • Number 0 (Math Circus)
  • Number 3 (Math Circus)
  • Number 5 (Math Circus)
  • Number 6 (Math Circus)
  • Number 10 (Math Circus)


  • When voiced by Kevin Schon, Mr. Websley and Number 0 sound like Timon from the Timon and Pumbaa television series, while some aspects of Number 5's voice sounds like Thurston from The Lion Guard.
  • Some fans thought that Jim Cummings voiced Mr. Websley in Math Circus and Code Word Caper. However, in early 2021, it was revealed that Kevin Schon did the voice of Mr. Websley because of his voice sounding similar to Timon from the Timon & Pumbaa show.