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"Ready to jam with Leap, Lily and their friends?" - Show Host Voiceover

Leap’s Learning Band Jammin’ Boombox (or Leap's Learning Band for short) is a toy created by LeapFrog, teaming up with LeapZone in 2000/early 2001. It is basically shaped like a real stereo radio/CD player, and teaches colors, musical instruments, musical appreciation and songs.

Product Description

1, 2, 3 and it's time to strike up the band, sing and dance, and have some snappy and musical sing-along learning fun - with Leap, Lily and their jammin' Learning Band!

Young musicians can learn colors, songs, and instrument names and sounds. Just press down on the characters to hear them introduce themselves, their instruments and then play a song for you. Hear them individually, or add them all together to hear the entire band!


  • 20 preloaded songs and 5 original learning songs (25 songs to sing-along with)
  • Instrument names and sounds
  • Creativity - create your own songs


  • Three wacky sound effects add to the fun
  • Volume control
  • Automatic shut-off

Characters on different colored stages with instruments

When the player presses the characters on the four different colored stages, he/she will introduce himself/herself, his/her instrument, and then play a tune.

Character Color of His/Her Stage Instrument Type of Instrument Instrument sound
Leap yellow trombone brass
Lily red piano/keyboard keyboard
Casey blue flute woodwind
Dan green drums percussion

Wacky Sound Effects

  • Boing
  • Bike-horn honk
  • Sparkle

Learning Mode

In learning mode, a male show host's voice prompts the player to identify colors, instruments, and sounds by pressing on the corresponding characters, and it includes questions about the person grooving on a color stage (red, yellow, green, blue), playing a musical instrument (either the piano, drums, trombone, or flute), the instrument and its corresponding section (either keyboard, percussion, brass or woodwind) or the musical instrument and the sounds it makes.

Questions Asked

  • "Can you find who is grooving on the _______ stage?"
  • "Can you find who is playing the ________?"
  • "Can you find who is playing a ________ instrument?"
  • "Can you find whose instrument makes this sound: (♪ [insert instrument sound here between piano, drums, trombone or flute] ♪)?"

Answering the Questions and Rewards

If the player answers the questions correctly, he or she will be congratulated with a verbal praise and one of the four things:

  • a correct answer about who is grooving on a colored stage followed by an instrument sound (e.g. "Dan Dog is grooving on the green stage." (♪ drums ♪)")
  • a musical introduction - he/she says his/her name, introduces the instrument and then plays it to the user, demonstrating its sound (e.g. Leap: "I’m Leap! I keep the groove with the trombone! (♪ toots trombone ♪)"; Casey: "I'm Casey! I make it happy with the flute. (♪ plays flute ♪)")
  • a correct answer about the instrument and its section (e.g. "The flute is a woodwind instrument." (♪ flute ♪))
  • a correct answer about the instrument and its sound (e.g. "The piano makes this sound: (♪ piano ♪)")

When he or she gets 3 in a row all correct, Leap congratulates the player by telling him or her "That's 3 in a row!!". When Lily says "Let's go again!", the questions will be non-stop.

Music Mode

The show host's voice says the title of the song name and he or she can choose any of the 25 songs.

The 25 preloaded songs in total include Educational Songs [5 songs], Special Occasion/Event Songs (listed as All-Time Favorites) [3 songs], All-Time Children's Favorites (listed as Nursery Rhymes) [8 songs], Classical Music [3 songs], Jazz and American Classics (listed as Jazz Tunes) [4 songs], and Latin Songs [2 songs].

In addition to the 20 other preloaded tunes, five original songs make some good use of rhyming, counting, alphabet, phonics and music.

He or she can:

  • Listen to the instruments play their own parts individually
  • Layer them together for a "big band sound"
  • Get creative and compose songs or add wacky sound effects to the songs

In total, all the songs inspire experimentation and a deeper understanding of how each of the four instruments play together when characters are added or subtracted from the lineup.

When you touch a character while being idle in this mode, a different short instrumental snippet will play for each instrument (either the piano, trombone, flute, or drums).

Activation And Deactivation

The player can press the musician to add or subtract instruments during songs.

Quotes from the Characters Before Each Song Starts

Before each song starts, you'll hear one of the 12 things from either Leap, Lily, Casey or Dan. These are:

  • Leap: "1-2-3, HIT IT!"
  • Leap: "Join in the groove!"
  • Leap: "Groove to the beat!"
  • Lily: "Wanna play with us?"
  • Lily: "Jump into the jive!"
  • Lily: "This was our first big hit."
  • Casey: "This is one of our favorites!"
  • Casey: "Jam to the groove!"
  • Casey: "Come on, make it happy with us!"
  • Dan: "This song is in the Top 5!"
  • Dan: "Let's rip!"
  • Dan: "Come on! Join in the beat!"

When idle in this mode, you will hear one of the two things from Lily:

  • Lily: "Want to play in our band?"
  • Lily: "Jam with us! Come on and choose a song."

Song List

Educational Songs

These songs teach the alphabet, counting, rhyming, phonics and musical instrument sounds.

  1. The Alphabet Song (alphabet)
  2. Our Fabulous Band (counting)
  3. Name Game (rhyming)
  4. Fiddle Around with the Middle Sound (phonics/rhyming)
  5. This is the Way We Hear the Band (musical instrument sounds)

All-Time Favorites

These songs relate to special occasional events.

  1. Happy Birthday (by Mildred and Patty Hill)
  2. America the Beautiful (by Katharine Lee Bates and Samuel Ward)
  3. Yankee Doodle 

Nursery Rhymes

These songs are associated with songs made popular with children over the years. 4 of these are the instrumentals while the other 4 include sung lyrics to their respective songs.

  1. Ring Around the Rosy
  2. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  3. Pop! Goes the Weasel
  4. Hickory, Dickory, Dock (with sung vocals)
  5. Sing a Song of Sixpence (with sung vocals)
  6. Jack and Jill (with sung vocals)
  7. Hey Diddle Diddle (with sung vocals)
  8. Looby Loo

Classical Music

These songs associate with famous classical tunes.

  1. Serenade No. 13 in G Major, Eine Kleine Nachmusik, K525, 1st Movement (by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) (credited as "Mozart's Night Music")
  2. The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 1 in E Major, Spring, RV 269, 1st Movement (by Antonio Vivaldi) (credited as "Vivaldi's Spring")
  3. Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Choral, Op. 125, 4th Movement, Ode to Joy (by Ludwig van Beethoven) (credited as "Beethoven's Ode to Joy")

Jazz Tunes

These songs associate with an original jazzy tune and three American songs.

  1. Jazzy Jam (by Judy Munsen)
  2. Washington Post March (by John Philip Sousa) (credited as "Sousa March")
  3. When the Saints Go Marching In
  4. Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay (by Angelo A. Asher and Richard Morton)

Latin Songs

These songs associate with songs from Latin traditions.

  1. La Cucaracha (by Pancho Villa)
  2. Jarabe Tapatío (better known as "Mexican Hat Dance")

Song Lyrics

To see the lyrics for all of the songs, click here

Adding more songs

With the LeapLink Mode, the player can add more songs in range from classical to jazz to holidays and more to this radio, since the toy is portable to boot songs via the internet.

After booting more content to the toy, the band - Leap, Lily, Casey and Dan - will call him/her by name and tell the player they have songs booted for him/her and he/she can sing and dance to the player's favorite songs of their choice.

LeapZone Advantages

  • Download from an endless selection of all of his or her favorite songs
  • Select your child's themes, or favorites for any time of year (e.g. Birthdays, Christmas)


  • It is the first music-related LeapFrog toy that was released to stores.
  • The vocals for "Hickory, Dickory, Dock", "Sing a Song of Sixpence", "Jack and Jill" and "Hey Diddle Diddle" were recycled from the LeapPad Learning System book, Mother Goose Songbook.
  • It is the first time we hear Michael Mendelsohn break the fourth wall and narrate as the show host to the users.
  • The arrangements for "Mozart's Night Music", "Washington Post March" and "La Cucaracha" were re-used again in the 2001 toy Learning Drum.
  • In the Music Mode, 9 of the 25 songs play with sung lyrics, and 16 of the 25 songs play instrumentally, without sung lyrics, but the player can join the band by pressing one of three wacky sound effect buttons, or by simply singing along to the 16 other instrumental songs, if he or she feels "vocal".
  • In the Music Mode, 6 out of the 25 songs are original songs, while the other 19 are arrangements of well-known songs.
  • Lily (the musician with the piano) was seen wearing yellow headphones.
  • This can be used with a headphone jack for quiet play.

Production Credits

Larry Lynch
Jim Marggraff
Mike Wood

Original songs written by
Jeanne Parson
Judy Munsen
Fran Avni

Musical Arrangements of Songs
Jeanne Parson
Judy Munsen

all arrangements and music (c) 2000 LeapFrog Enterprises, Knowledge Kids, and Rounder Records, Inc

Voice Characterizations
Michael Mendelsohn (Show Host)
Zac Schuman (Leap)
Kelsey Lally (Lily)
Ali Lynne Samuel (Casey)
Richard Streeter (Dan)

Song vocals
Amy X. Neuberg

"Our Fabulous Band" song vocals
Zac Schuman

(p) and (c) 2000 LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. and Knowledge Kids Productions