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The LeapFrog Learning Friends or The LeapFrog Toys Show Buddies are a group of Kids who live in Scrapyard or Alphaville and teach Fixing things for children.

LeapFrog has developed these branded characters for use in house, and eventually licensed the characters or kid buddies for use in third party products.

Characters or Kids

Main characters

  • Leap (VA: Zac Schuman (1999-2001), Pamela Segall (Late 2001-2003), Candi Milo (2003), Cindy Robinson (2003-2013)): He's 10 years old. He's a boy - and yes, a frog. He is energetic, curious, and loves to invent anything. Call on him and he will invent anything you wish, (Kind of anyone else you know? Well... not Albert Einstein!) and there is no other wunderkind that can do it any other than him! He will also give you some advice: he likes his ABC's more than the numbers.
  • Lily (VA: Kelsey Lally (1999-2001), Britt McKillip (2001), Tosha Schmidt (2001-02, singing only), Lana Whittington (late 2001-2002), Cristina Milizia (2003, English voice only), Marie Danielle (2002-05), Andrea Libman (2004, substitution for The Time Machine Adventure), Gina Ribisi (2004, substitution), Kate Higgins (2005-present)): Lily - or "Lil" as her nickname - is Leap's ultimate younger sister at 7 years old. She has a tolerance of her older brother's antics (does she have a choice?) and not above some mischief of her own! She will also be the first to tell you that girls like math, too because of the case that she likes her numbers better, much more than any letter of the alphabet.
  • Tad (VA: Blake Marggraff (1999-2001), Danny Walker (2001 (both speaking and singing, for Leap's Big Day only) and 2002-03 (singing only), Nicole Rapp (2002-03), Debi Derryberry (2003-05), Julie Maddalena (2005-13)): If you've seen any little kid who loves to play, it's got to be Tad, Leap's 5-year-old younger brother. He gets into some mischief but always likes to explore the world around him! And of course, he is willing to learn everything from his siblings when he grows up.

Leap's Friends Kid Buddies

  • Casey (VA: Alexandria Samuel (1999-2001), Kether Donohue (2001-03), Lauren Burcham (2003-present)): Casey is an athletic 6-year-old girl cat who enjoys "all things sporty" - especially soccer and doing cartwheel.
  • Della (VA: Isabella Marriott (1999-2002), Angelina Marriott (2001, Leap's Big Day only), Kerry Williams (Leap to the Moon only), Terese Aiello (2003-05), Cindy Robinson (2005-08)): A duck, normally depicted as part of Leap and Lily's clique. She is a dramatic - however, enthusiastic 7-year-old girl duck who enjoys swimming at the pool, and even doing super daring acrobatics (e.g. Look at Della Duck uses her doing a daring dive at the pool).
  • Dan: (VA: Richard Streeter (1999-2001), Ted Lewis (2001-04), Cindy Robinson (2005-08)): Dan, an 8-year-old dog, is Leap's good friend who can spend time with him. He has a secret talent: he is a talented chef who could cook anything!
  • Parker (VA: Peter Kappen (1999-2004), Zephyr Banks (2005-08)): Parker, an 8-year-old pig may be sarcastic, but friendly in any way he could help Leap.
  • Tim (VA: Peter Kappen (1999-2001), Jim Kuklinski (2001-04), Cindy Robinson (2005-08)): Tim, an 8-year-old turtle, is tops at everything that fits him, including magic tricks and tag.
  • Dot (VA: Irene Trapp (2003-08)): Dot is Dan's 4-year-old younger sister and sometimes tags along with him.
  • Ben and Rosa (VA: Jose Zelaya (Ben in English/Spanish), Naelee Rae (Rosa in English), Kathleen Herles (Rosa in Spanish) (2003)): Ben and Rosa are 2 rabbits who speak their bilingual languages: English.


Leapster Explorer Kid Buddies

  • Julissa: (VA: Julissa Aguirre (2010), who wears a lime blue striped skirt.
  • Yara: (VA:Yara Shahidi (2010), is her second buddy who wears a orange/pink/red jumper.
  • Cullen: (VA: Cullen McCarthy (2010), is his third buddy who wears a blue black striped jumper.

Taiwanese Dance Kid Buddies

  • Bobby (VA: Bobby Xiao (2009-present) is the first buddy they wears a blue jumper and they changes to white and Black Green striped t shirt.
  • Medy (VA: Medy Xiao Kim (2009-present) is the second buddy they wears and white jumper a orange trousers.
  • Jester (VA: Jester Lee Xiao (2009-present)