LeapPad Storyteller

The LeapPad Storyteller is an offscreen voice who narrates the stories and speaks the prompts for LeapPad books. The narrator is mostly a male, sometimes a female, and always breaks the fourth wall to the players.


Storyteller's VA Years Notes Voice Type
Jim Marggraff late 1999-2004 Starting from Lil's Loose Tooth; narrator for over 35 books Male
Whoopi Goldberg 1999 Lessons for Life series and Leap's Friends from A to Z only Female
David Bamber late 1999-2006 UK version Male
Christiane Crawford 2001-2003 Starting from Leap's Big Day (shared with Julie Stevens), narration for 6 My First LeapPad books Female
Julie Stevens 2002-2004 Starting from I Know My ABCs (shared with Christiane Crawford), and appears mostly for directing the English/Spanish games in the 2004 re release of Leap's Big Day), narration for 7 My First LeapPad books Female
Bob Ayres 2002 Disney Princess Stories, Amazing Bible Stories and Bob and Lofty Save the Day Male
Michael Mendelsohn 2002-2003 Starting from Phonics Program; narrator for over 20 books, like the Smart Guide to Kindergarten, and the Smart Guide to 1st Grade. He was also the narrator for the My First LeapPad book, Bob Saves the Porcupines. Male
Robin Smith

Michael Angelis



Starting from Thomas the Really Useful Engine; narrator for 20 LeapPad books, including the non Thomas related LeapPad book, Anna's First Ballet, and narration, and game guide for the My First LeapPad book, Thomas and the School Trip.

UK narrator for the LeapPad book Thomas the Really Useful Engine, and the My First LeapPad book Thomas and the School Trip. He was also the original UK narrator for series 3-16 of Thomas and Friends in the UK. He passed away from a heart attack on May 30, 2020, at the age of 76.



Morwenna Banks 2003-2006 Narration for 8 My First LeapPad books, UK version Female
Unknown 2003-2005 Narration for SpongeBob SquarePants Salty Sea Stories, and guide for many LeapPad books like The Cat in the Hat (based off of the 2003 film), One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, (from the Plus Microphone) Hop on Pop (also from the Plus Microphone), and the Smart Guide to 2nd Grade, and narration for Shrek 2 and Madagascar. Male
Mark Atherlay 2002-2007 Guide for most Leapster games, narration for some LeapPad books, including Finding Nemo, Stanley Surprise Safari and Cars, as well as the guide for the LeapPad book Fox in Socks, and the My First LeapPad book There's a Wocket In My Pocket. He was also the narrator for Fiesta in the... books, guide for The Lion King, 4th Grade History for the Quantum Pad, and guide for the Turbo Twist games, as well as the guide for the My First LeapPad book The Foot Book. Male
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