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Leap to the Moon is a My First LeapPad interactive book and cartridge in the Math section of the My First LeapPad library, focusing on space-themed early math (pre-math). It features Leap and his friends, Della and Tim, going into a solar system-like adventure to the moon.



Leap, Della, and Tim are planning a trip to the moon. They need the following things for this trip: one rocket ship, two telescopes, three astronaut helmets, four peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and five flags (the total the company is packing are numbered 15 items). When the company (inside the rocket ship) blasted off, it's off they go... into SPACE!

As they travel through space all the way to the bright, silvery moon, Leap sees planets on the way to their destination.

Leap, Della, and Tim land on the moon and make new friends -- moon bugs that resemble replicas of Edison, but then... Whoops! Leap trips on the anchor's ends.

The gang has a plan to save the day and the space adventure was perfectly an out-of-this-world moment they will remember! But as Mrs. Frog calls the three friends (who were still pretending to play "Outer Space") for lunch, Leap will ask them if they would like to stay for more fun.

Solar System


  • 1 one
  • 2 two
  • 3 three
  • 4 four
  • 5 five

Colors and Shapes

  • yellow triangle
  • blue circle
  • red square
  • pink diamond
  • orange star