The Leapster is a portable handheld gaming system for ages 5-14. It was first released on October 7, 2003, with a new model design in 2005 and the L-Max with A/V hookups that same year, the Leapster TV in 2006, the Leapster2 in 2008, the Leapster Explorer in 2010, and finally the LeapsterGS Explorer in 2012. The Leapster line was discontinued around 2012, when LeapFrog's LeapPad tablets were released.

Leapster LMAX Thomas promo


  • The earliest versions of the Leapster L-Max had the 2001-2004 logo. The later versions used the 2004-05-2007-2008 logo.
  • All Leapsters use four AA batteries, except the LeapsterTV uses four C batteries.
  • If there's no input for the Leapster for several minutes, it will automatically turn off to save power. It will also turn off automatically at the end of the Leapster versions of The Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory.
    • Leapster Low Battery.png
      Blue depleting low battery alert "!".
      Leapster Critical Battery Alert.png
      Blue critical battery only left space and shows a red crossed "X".
      The Leapster will also auto power off when the battery power is very low. When the batteries are low, the unit goes into black screen and makes a "honk!" noise quickly 2 times, then from the bottom, pops up a low battery symbol and a "!" flashes, as a reminder to change the batteries.
      • When very low or critical", it closes the game to a black screen, does the warning with honk noise at full volume, and shows a red solid "X" instead of a "!" across a depleted battery, then turns off. It does not say anything.
      • Only with cartridges can change the low battery UI (likely as Foster Home's for Imaginary Friends, Backyardigans)
  • If the unit pops up the volume controls when adjusting noise, the end makes an "(Wii)" sound effect.
  • If the Leapster thinks it has an incompatible cartridge, starting up with incompatible Leapster cartridge will make a "ding-ding" type sound and flash a '?' in every seconds. It does not say, Whoops!" That's not a leapster cartridge!
  • If you try to tilt a cartridge, it will make gurgling sounds, circuit bent, or freeze!

Levels of gameplay (quoted by the announcer)

  • Level 1: A good place to start!
  • Level 2: A challenge!
  • Level 3: A super challenge!
  • Level 4: A super-duper challenge!
  • Level 5: A super-duper hyper challenge!
  • Level 6: A super mega challenge!
  • Level 7: An extremely super mega challenge!
  • Level 8 An extremely super hyper mega challenge!
  • Level 9: An extremely super-duper hyper mega challenge!
  • Level 10: A very insane extreme super-duper hyper mega challenge!

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