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Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory is the fifth episode of LeapFrog released by PorchLight Entertainment and Warner Home Video DVD on September 20, 2005. The words put together to discover a story. Tad is reading "The Three Little Pigs."

Characters Present

Characters as

  • Tad: The Narrator
  • Lily: The Director

Characters in charge of the Effects

  • Leap: In charge of the Special Effects
  • Tim: In charge of the Sound Effects

Characters as actors

  • Dan, Della, and Casey: The Three Little Pigs
  • Dot: The Big Bad Wolf
  • Mr. Frog: The pigs' mother, the brickman, the lumberman, and the hay man


Tad is seen wearing wolf ears holding the script. but then gets nervous and lets his so-called love affair Dot play the role of the wolf. Parker steps in complaining that his tail is curly. Mr. Websley arrives out of his limousine to pick up his daughter Della, then notices the kids are doing a play. From there, Mr. Websley gets an idea for capturing the magic of reading.

Mr. Websley takes Leap, Lily, Tad and their friends to the Storybook Factory to play the Three Little Pigs. Along the way, they are greeted by Trixie the makeup robot, invented by Professor Quigley. Tad is the narrator, because narrates the story. Casey, Della, and Dan play as the Three Little Pigs. Mr. Frog plays as the pigs' mother, the brickman, the lumberman, and the hay man. Dot plays as the Big Bad Wolf. Lily is the director. Tim handles the sound effects. Leap is in charge of the special effects. Parker helps Trixie put on the actors make-up.

Professor Quigley tells Tad that words are grouped together to make a sentence. He also tells him about punctuation: a period means full stop, a comma means a pause, an exclamation mark means a shout, and a question mark means a question.

When Dot takes the role of blowing down the brick house, Leap brings in a huge fan. When Tim accidentally turns the switch to VERY HIGH, the fan causes a chaos, also known as a tornado, to go into the factory. Mr. Websley says that a tornado is NOT in the story! He says that it’s from The Wizard of Oz. Then Leap turns the fan off, causing the set to be a mess and a soccer ball to land on Parker's head. Lily sadly says that they have to quit, until Tad has the script. After they clean up the mess, the story continues. Dot uses a Dot doll to go down the chimney, and land in a pot of boiling water. The Dot doll jumps out of the chimney, falling down to the stage, and the pigs live happily ever after.

Quigley fixes all the mistakes and publishes it in a Talking Storybook. After the final song, Mr. Websley thanks everyone for helping, but no one shows up.

In the backyard, everyone practices playing the next story: Jack and the Beanstalk. Tad helps Dot playing as the Giant.



  • This is Julie Maddalena's first time voicing Tad.


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