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This page has the transcript for the video Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory.

Prologue: Exterior

Tad: Uh, uh, uh, uh, oh. How am I supposed to read this?

Lily: Now Tad, I want you to say your lines nice and loud!

Parker: Lily, why can I be one of the three little pigs? I'm a natural! (oinks)

Lily: Parker, as the director, I've already decided you will play the pigs!

Parker: But my tail is naturally curly!

Tim: You heard her, Parker! Lily is the director, and she's in charge! And the director needs your very own director's chair!

Lily: Why thank you, Tim! How considerate of you! (sighs)

Parker: Oh, please!

Lily: Dan, Della, Casey, are you ready?

Dan, Della and Casey: All set, Miss Director! (oinking)

Parker: Ah, sure. Go ahead! You just see how hard it is to be a pig!

Tim: It's better this way, Parker. Now we can play!

Lily: Okay, Tad, please read your lines!

Dot: You can do it, Tad! (She waves her hand)

Tad: Um, Lily, I can't be the wolf! If these ears don't fit me! You give it a try, Dot!

Dot: Little pig, little pig, let me in!

Tad: Wow! You made a great wolf!

Dot: Thank you, Taddy-waddy!

Lily: Hmm. Okay, come up on stage, Dot!

Tad: (looks on the tree) Oh, that was a close one! (He puts his cap on)

Leap: That's okay, Tad! All of us were a little nervous when we first started reading.

(A car drove to the Frog house and a dog driver opens the door of the car)

(Mr. Websley looks upon the gate at the kids)

Mr. Websley: What are those kids up to now? (He reaches up the gate, but fails)

Dot: (off-screen) I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!

Dan, Della and Casey: No! No! Not by the hair of our chimney chin chin! (oinking)

Mr. Websley: Why, they're doing the story of (quacks) three little pigs! I remember that story. Reading was so magical.

Tad: I'll blow...blow..BLOWJOB ### WHORE TITTIES #### CONDOM #### #### #### #### ####

Leap and Friends: Mr. Websley!?

Della: Oh, dad!

Mr. Websley: ...And there were all those other stories I read, I can go anywhere and be anyone.

(the "It's Magical" song starts)

Mr. Websley:

It's magic, it's magic to me. Reading stories is magical you'll see. You could drive a fire engine, create a new invention. You could fly around the moon in a magical balloon.

Lily, Dan, Dot, Della and Casey:

It's magic, it's magic indeed.

Leap, Tim and Parker:

Reading stories is magical we see. We could sail across the sea.

Lily, Della and Casey:

Or ballerinas we could be.

Tad, Dan and Dot:

We could ride the whole prairie at night, we'd sleep beneath the tree.

Mr. Websley:

It's magic.


It's magic.

Mr. Websley:

Reading stories.


It's magic.

Mr. Websley and Kids:

And that's the reason why, and that's the reason why, and that's the reason why we love to read.

(the "It's Magical" song ends)

Mr. Websley: (quacks) Wait! (quacks, the phone beeps) Frog, Quigley, Websley here! The children have given me my (quacks) greatest idea ever! I've got a marvelous idea for capturing the magic of reading! We're going to create a talking storybook for kids by kids. Hmm, but what should the first story be about?

Kids: The Three Little Pigs!

Mr. Websley: Wait! I know, the kids here will perform the Three Little Pigs to go in our storybook!

Kids: (cheering)

Mr. Websley: And Tad will be the one to read it!

Tad: No, not me! I'm not ready to read!

Leap: Don't worry, Tad! We'll all be here to help you!

Mr. Websley: And then Quigley, you will figure out someway to turn it all into a talking storybook!

Professor Quigley: A storybook that talks? Well, what a wonderful invention to build an invent!

Mr. Websley: This idea is bigger than Quackertowa, we'll need a whole new factory! And Frog, it has to be built as soon as possible, but perhaps sooner.

Entering The Storybook Factory

The Singing Sign Letters: The Storybook Factory!

Professor Quigley: Come on, kids! Let's go inside!

(Mr. Frog, Mr. Websley and the kids go inside)

Kids: Wow!

Mr. Websley: Not bad!

Kids: Wow!

Trixie: (clears throat) Pardon me, Professor Q.?

Professor Quigley: Oh, this is Trixie, a makeup robot I just invented. What seems to be the problem, Trixie?

Trixie: Well, with makeup for the wolf, three pigs, and who knows what else? I'm gonna need some help!

Mr. Websley: Quigley, Mr. Clock says Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, not Chit-Chat, Chit-Chat!

Trixie: Oh, that's talamem! I like your style, cutie!

Mr. Websley: (quacks) Cutie?

Lily: I have an idea! Parker will help Trixie put on the actors' makeup!

Parker: Okay, whatever!

Mr. Websley: Good girl, Lily!

Lily: Tim, you'll make the sound effects, and Leap, you can handle the special effects!

Leap: Okey-dokey-artichokey! Won't this be cool, Tim?

Tim: Sounded more like work to me!

Leap: No, it'll be fun! Just look through the script to the kinds of sound you'll need to make! Gotta go!

Tim: That'll take forever! There's gotta be some easy way to do this! Wait a minute! I can use this stuff! Cool!

Making the Story

(Trixie polishes Mr. Frog, Dan, Della and Casey)

Trixie: When I finish, you will be such pretty piggies!

Lily: Places, everyone! Let's start the show! Here's your script, Tad!

Tad: Ugh... Ugh... I'm supposed to read all this! Oh, I'm getting a tummy ache!

Trixie: Let's get going, Parker!

Parker: Oh man!

Trixie: Parker honey, but globs of glue on those pig noses and they get fast, sweetie!

(Mr. Frog, Dan, Della and Casey murmuring)

Professor Quigley: Follow me! The control room is right this way, Mr. Websley!

Parker: Oh you want fast? (He puts down the pig noses) I can do fast! (painting the glue on the pig noses) Pig noses are ready! Pick up your noses!

(the camera moves in)

Lily: There! Camera is in position! All we need is the costumes, Professor!

Professor Quigley: Costumizer into place, please!

(A costumizer changes Casey, Della and Dan into the Three Little Pigs, then changes Mr. Frog into a Russian dancer)

Professor Quigley: Hmm, that's not right!

(A costumizer changes Mr. Frog into a bunny, an astronaut and Professor Quigley)

Professor Quigley: Someone must have spilt salt on these buttons!

(A costumizer changes Mr. Frog into The Pigs' mother)

Lily: We can't have delays like this! We've got to get going!

Tad: Can't one of your inventions do the reading for me?

Professor Quigley: But Tad, you already know everything you need to read!

Tad: I do?

Professor Quigley: Sure. You remember what you learned at the Letter Factory and the Talking Words Factory, don't you?

Tad: Sure. I learned the letters their first sounds and sounds make words.

Offscreen Kids: FUN!

Professor Quigley: And when you put the right words together, they make stories! Come on, you can do it!

Tad: Once... Upon...

Professor Quigley: Once upon a time.

Tad: One upon a time. Gee, that's a pretty good start, isn't it?

Professor Quigley: Ha ha! Indeed! A good beginning of the story and a great start for you, Tad!

Lily: On with the show in 3, 2, 1!

(The Three Little Pig starts on screen)

Tad: Once upon a time...

Professor Quigley: There...

Tad: Was... A... H-ou-se. House!

Leap: Very good, Tad! But don't stop there! There was a house... Where... The... Pig... Family... Lived.

Professor Quigley: I couldn't have read it better myself! In the house...

Tad: Wait, wait! Let me try reading it myself, Professor!

Leap: If you need any help, I'm right here!

Tad: In... The... House... There... Was... A... Mama... Pig.

Leap: You've got every word single right, Tad!

Professor Quigley: Now, try saying them just like you were talking to us!

Tad: In the house, there was a mama pig.

Leap: Yes! Putting the words together like that is called chunking!

Professor Quigley: And that's some very good chunking indeed!

Leap: And that's just how you should read it!

Professor Quigley: Show em what we need, Leap.

(the "Reading's Just Like Talking" song starts)


Some words are meant to stick together, in groups like once upon a time. You think those words were friends forever, they even start to rhyme.

Leap and Tad:

It's just like talking, that's the way to read. Group the words together and you'll soon succeed.


There was once a sentence I read, in a book that I kept by my bed. When I spoke all the words, it was talking I heard, or it sounds about way in my head.


(laughing) That was some pretty fast talking, Leap. I don't think I can read that fast yet, but I'm getting the idea!

Some words are meant to stick together, in groups like happily ever after. Those words are friends in many weather, like pals who share our joke and laughter.

Leap and Tad:

It's just like talking, that's the way to read. Group the words together and you'll soon succeed. Group the words together and you'll soon succeed.

(the "Reading's Just Like Talking" song ends)

Professor Quigley: Way to go, Tad! Now, uh, where were we?

Tad: In the house, there was a mama pig. I did it, Professor! I did it!

Professor Quigley: See? It just takes a little practice!

Tad: In the house, there was a mama pig and there were three little pigs.

Mr. Frog, Dan, Della and Casey: (oinking)

Mr. Frog: (gasps)

Dan: Huh?

Casey: Huh?

Della: Huh?

Mr. Websley: What's the (quacks) meaning of this?

Lily: Trixie, what's going on down there?

Trixie: Sorry, doll. Let's just say, Parker was a little hasty with the pasty.

Parker: Okay, okay! I'll take my time and do it right!

Lily: (sighs) That's something we'll have to fix later! Let's just keep moving!

Tad: One day, the three little pigs left home to see the world.

Professor Quigley: Excellent, Tad! You're doing great! But remember, read it like it's just you and me here and we're just talking like this! One day, the three little pigs left home to see the world.

Tad: One day, the three little pigs left home to see the world.

(Parker glues the pig nose with paint to Mr. Frog)

Parker: There! That should be enough glue, Mr. Frog.

(Mr. Frog rushed into the stage and gets a tissue, then he cries)

Trixie: That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Dan: What's the matter, Mama?

Della: It is time we leave home. Parting is such sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet sorrow.

Casey: Come on you two, we've got to go.

Mr. Frog: Wait! I have something for each of you.

Lily: Tim, here comes the first sound effect! Are you ready, Tim?

Tim: (snoring)

Lily: (off-screen) Tim? Tim!

Tim: What! Uh, don't worry, I'm ready with the sounds!

(Tim honks the horn, blows a whistle and bangs the cymbals)

Lily: (laughing) Very funny, Tim! But those sound effects don't sound right to me! Didn't you read the script?!

Tim: A script?

Mr. Frog: Spend the coins to build yourselves a house so you'll be safe from the Big Bad Wolf!

(Dan, Della and Casey gasp)

Tad: The three little pigs kissed their mama and waved good-bye. Hmm, that didn't sound right, did it, Professor?

Professor Quigley: Here's a helpful tip for you, Tad! Did you know that when you read? The sentence shows you how to say it right!

Tad: Get outta town!

Professor Quigley: No way! Sentences have something called punctuation that tells you how to read it!

Tad: Uh, punctuation?

Professor Quigley: Yes, Tad! For instance, this is a comma! When you see one of these little guys, pause for a moment before going on! And this is a period! When you see one of these, the sentence is over and you come to a full stop! It's easy!

(Professor Quigley's eyes swirl into a drum set)

(the "Punctuation Rock" song starts)

Leap, Lily, Tad and Professor Quigley:

Punk-punk-punk-punctuation. Punk-punk-punk-punctuation.

Professor Quigley:

When there's a comma, you should pause for a beat. A period means that the sentence is complete.

Leap and Lily:

Full stop!

Leap, Lily, Tad and Professor Quigley:

Punk-punk-punk-punctuation. Punk-punk-punk-punctuation.

Professor Quilgey:

You've ever been hung up by a question mark.

Question Mark:

Have ya?

Professor Quigley:

Or an exclamation to make your point.

Leap, Lily, Tad and Professor Quigley:

We're gonna rock this joint! Punk-punk-punk-punctuation. Punk-punk-punk-punctuation.

Professor Quigley:


Leap, Lily, Tad and Professor Quigley:

Punk-punk-punk-punctuation. Punk-punk-punk-punctuation.



(the "Punctuation Rock" song ends)

(A drum set swirls back to Professor Quigley's eyes)

Tad: Oh, this I gotta try. The three little pigs kissed their mama and waved good-bye.

Dan, Della and Casey: Good-bye, Mama!

Mr. Frog: And remember, watch out for the Big Bad Wolf.

(The story closes)

Building a Straw House

Tad: I'm not so nervous about reading anymore, Professor!

Professor Quigley: Good! Now, can you tell me what's happening in the story so far?

Tad: Oh yes! Three little pigs need to build their own houses to stay safe from the Big Bad Wolf! I like little pig three best!

Professor Quigley: In every story there are people or animals like the three pigs! That the story is about! They are called characters!

Tad: Char-characters!

Professor Quigley: Characters! can you name all the characters! in the story so far!

Tad: Well! mama pig characters!

Mr. Frog: Hello.

Tad: And So, is out for the little pig one. little pig two. and little pig three.

Professor Quigley: Yep! three. characters! if ever i see him.

Tad: Look Professor!, there's a comma where's. pause and there's a period that was so all stop

Professor Quigley: Amazing you did all by yourself you look ahead to see what punctuation was coming.

(The story opens)

Tad: After walking all day The three little pigs stopped to rest.

Dan: ''Oh, I've got to rest. My dogs are barking.''

Della: We've gone so, so far. I've got a big, big headache Wow! Does my head hurt.''

Dan: ''Let's build our houses quickly so we can play. you dig, pig?''

Della: ''Oh, what a great, wonderful idea. you are a genius!''

Dan: ''Thank you''

Lily: Its a Straw Salesman Trixie,

Trixie: Uh, you. stand We Have, problem, this time Gorgonzola put too much glue on Mr. Frog pig nose is now put come off.

Tim: ah Parker your face, fell off

Parker: What are you talking about? Tim

Mr. Frog: ''Straw for sale! Get your fresh straw here!''

Dan: ''That for me! I'm going totally organic for my house. I'll buy all that you have and make my house out for straw.''

Lily: Get ready, Tim, here comes a other sound effect!

Tim: Ready, ahead, Lily!

(Tim honks the horn, blows a Straw drop and Straws Salesman running)

Dan: ''All right! This will be perfect.''

Tad: And so the The first little pigs was ready to build his house out of straw. Look Professor!, when i read the word straw it means this dryness story see That's for

Professor Quigley: That's one of the best things about read tad the words help you see Story

Building a Stick House

(A costumizer changes Mr. Frog into a Sitcks salesman Trixie polishes Mr. Frog)

Trixie: I've got three whites for sweetie pie gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Tad: Then it was time for the sceond little pig to buy materials to build her house.

Mr. Frog: ''Sticks for sale! ''Sticks for sale! Get your fresh sticks here!''

Della: Oh ''I'll buy all that you have and make my house out for sticks!''

Lily: Get ready, Tim, here comes a other sound effect!

(Tim honks bell a Sitcks drop)

Della: ''This will be perfect!''

Tad: And so the The first little pigs was ready to build his house out of sticks.

Building a Brick House

(A costumizer changes Mr. Frog into a Bricks Salesman Trixie polishes Mr. Frog mirrior)

Trixie: Get good to Go

Tad: Then it was time for the third little pig to buy materials to build her house.

Mr. Frog: ''Bricks for sale! Get your fresh bricks here!''

Casey: ''I'll buy all that you have and make my house out of bricks!''

Lily: Get ready, Tim, here comes a other sound effect!

Dan: ''Let's do this really fast so we can play.''

Della: ''I'm with you, Brother. Pig.''

Dan: ''There! That's good, enough.''

Casey: ''Brother. Pig! You should take your time and build a stronger house.''

Della: ''There! That's good, enough.''

Casey: ''Little Sister Pig, You shouldn't, hurry through everything.''

Dan: ''You don't know what you're talking about.''

Della: ''You are just jealous because we are finished.''

Dan: ''Let's play.''

Tad: I think something bad is gonna happened.

Professor Quigley: Why do you say that, Tad?

Tad: Well These old owner piggy Other piggy not to rest so much she must know something they Don't

Casey: 'I'm 'going to take your time and build a stronger house.''

Big Bad Wolf

Lily: Okay, Professor, brings in dot wolf Costume!

(Trixie polishes Dot)

Dot: Do I look scary, Trixie?

Trixie: Very very scary

Dot: Oh, goody.

(A costumizer changes Dot into a Wolf)

Casey: ''My home is finished!'' Now I'm ready to play. Oh, no! The Big Bad Wolf!''

Lily: Time, Lighting, special effects! Leap

Tad: When the three little pigs saw Big Bad Wolf. (Dan, Della and Casey gasp) they ran into their houses Oh Boy the Story Ready Getting Exciting

Lily: Leap Get Ready, for wind Leap special effects!











Tad: I told you little pig three knew what she's doing. She didn't rushed and everything worked out just fine. Parker: Ohh, looky here. Hey... my work is all done, Tim. Let's play! And the crowd goes wild as Parker Pig kicks the winning goal!

Tim: Uh-oh! Waa!

Leap, Parker and Tim: Whoa!

Dot: Oooh... ahh!

Leap, Parker and Tim: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoa!

Mr. Websley: (quacks) That's not in this story! That's in The Wizard of Oz!

Lily: It's okay. We can fix it... I hope.

(Lily, Tad, Mr. Websley, and Professor Quigley scream.)

Tad: No! Not the script!!

Professor Quigley: No-oo-o! Not the professor!

Mr. Websley: Oh, oh!

Lily: This may put us a little behind schedule.

Leap: Al..... most..... there!

(Leap turns off the fan.)

Trixie: Help! Professor Q, help!

Professor Quigley: Help? What seems to be the problem?

Trixie: I lost! My Round

Mr. Websley: Please, allow me.

Trixie: Ohhh! My hero!

Mr. Websley: (blushing) Uh, madam… please!

Leap: Whoa, man!

Tim: Did you see that?

Parker: I was flying. (the soccer ball lands on Parker's head) Ow! Hey… are we finished here yet?

Lily: I'm afraid so, Parker. Nothing's left. We lost everything.

All: Aww!

Mr. Websley: What?!

(the "We Still Got The Story" song starts)

Tad: No, we haven't. We still got the story, and that's all we really need! Come on, you guys. We come this far together, We're get into the most exciting part, A story does not end right in the middle, We need to finish what we started at the start, We can lead to the end

Tad and Dot: Because we still got what matters

Leap, Tad and Dot: The story, we still got the story

Leap: We can finish our tale

Lily: Though the pages are tattered

Kids: The story, we still got the story

Mr. Websley: So let's wrap it all up

Mr. Frog: I know we can do it

Professor Quigley: We have what we need

Leap, Lily and Tad: Come on, let's get to it

All: Once the story's begun,

You know the show must go on

We've got the story, let's finish the story now

(the "We Still Got The Story" song ends)

Tad: So if we take our time and work as hard as the third little pig, we can finish Mr. Websley's storybook.

Mr. Websley: My boy, you're quack-solutely right!

Tad: Everyone, to your places!

Lily: Here we go, Tad! Everybody in 5... 4... 3... 2...

Professor Quigley: You can do it, Tad. I just know it!

Lily: 1!

Tad: The big bad wolf couldn't blow the brick house down. So he tried a different way to get inside.

Professor Quigley: Keep it up, Tad. I just love a good story.

Tad: The wolf was going to jump down the chimney!

Casey: Quick! Fill a big pot of water!

Della: Genius! Wolves just hate wet fur.

Lily: Okay, Leap! Here comes your last special effect! Do you have the wolf doll?

Leap: Sure do, Lil! One fake wolf, coming down!

Dot: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

(Dot, Tim and Parker laughing)

Dan: We should've taken our time and build a strong house like you did.

Della: We just wanted to play around instead of doing our work.

Dot: Hmm... You guys are just like the characters in the story.

Tim: Yeah, you're right.

Parker: Sorry.

Tad: The pigs never saw the big bad wolf again.

Ending The Storybook Factory

Tad: And they all lived happily ever after.

Lily: OK Crew, that's a Wrap!

Everyone: (Cheers)!

Professor Quigley: Tad, your reading was spectacular!

Mr. Websley: He saved the day and my talking storybook.

Everyone: (Cheers)!

Lily: Way to go, Tad!

Mr. Websley: I can't wait to see what the three little pigs storybook looks and sounds like. QUIGLEY!!!!!!

Professor Quigley: It's almost ready, Mr. Websley! Just need to fix all the...mistakes.

(The Fix-It-In-Post Erator machine fixes all of the mistakes that was wrong to right, then handed to Professor Quigley)

Professor Quigley: All fixed.

Mr. Websley: Beautiful! The pictures are quack-tacular!

Professor Quigley: And just listen.

Tad (on talking storybook): Once upon a time, there was a house where the pig family lived.

Tad: That's me! That's me reading! (the "It's Magical" song starts)

First I learned to read, just word by word. Every word alone. But some words stick together like best of friends forever much better when they're not alone. The words are put together, in sentences and such, then they all become a story, and the story means so much

Mr. Frog, Professor Quigley, and Mr. Websley:

All you need is a story, you see


Because a story is magical indeed

Mr. Websley:

You can imagine all the scenery


The houses and the greenery

Professor Quigley:

The character's so real


You can feel the way they feel

Mr. Frog and Mr. Websley:

All you need is a story to read

Professor Quigley:

Just try it, and I'm sure you will succeed


The words on every page, in your mind become a stage... because reading is magic! And I know that once you start...


The magic happens in your mind... and... heart!!!


Oh yeah! (the "It's Magical" song ends)

Mr. Websley: Oh, thank you. Thank you for making my dream come true! Eh… I said, "Thank you." (quacks) Where did everybody go?!

Dot: Fee fi... Fo fum... I smell... The feet of the Englishman?

Parker: Huh? That doesn't sound right.

Dot: We need help from the director.

Lily: Well, what do you say, Mr. director?

Tad: Don't forget to pause where there are commas, Dot. Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the feet of the Englishman.

Leap: Jack and the Beanstalk is going to be a great play.

Lily: And Tad is going to be a great director.

Tad: Okay, everybody! Let's take it from the top.