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Lessons for Life with Leap and his Friends (or more simply Lessons for Life) is a book series for life lessons in the real world, with illustrated stories about what children (and adults) should do and shouldn't do. It is in 4 books.



Character VA (Voice Talent)
Offscreen Narration Whoopi Goldberg
Leap Zac Schuman
Lily Kelsey Lally
Tad Blake Marggraff
Mom Christiane Crawford
Dad Michael Mendelsohn
Grandpa Bob Ayres
Edison Ron Seawright
Casey Ali Samuel
Della Isabella Marriott
Dan Richard Streeter
Tim Richard "Andy" Fruchterman
Parker Peter Kappen
Extras Jim Marggraff, Carmen Chun-Oakley, Grant Rosenmeyer, Michelle Huang, Marty Gay, Lauren Burcham
Mrs. Robbin Kathleen Barr
Ms. Sanchez Deanna Mustard