Letter F


F is the 6th letter of the alphabet. He's voiced by Frank Welker.

The F letters have wings and can fly. In The Letter Factory and Letters on the Loose, they are marigold with green eyes, and in Talking Words Factory, they are lavender-pink. However, in the Letter Factory Game and book, they are blue.

Tinker Bell, Hope the Music Box Angel, Buzz Lightyear, Bunnie Rabbot, Astro Boy, Peter Pan, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Twilight Sparkle, Harold (Thomas and Friends), Sally Seaplane, Eve (WALL-E), Dumbo, Magic Carpet (Aladdin), Pegasus (Hercules), Petrie (The Land Before Time), Tails the Fox, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Dusty (Planes), Kessie (Winnie the Pooh), Cream the Rabbit, Dulcy the Dragon and Snoodle-Doo (VeggieTales) & other flyers.

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