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Front page from the 1999 version of Leap into Learning

Lil's Loose Tooth is a LeapPad phonics story that tells the tale about how Lil had a loose tooth and Leap and Tad pluck out a plan to make it pop out. It teaches short vowels.

It was in Leap into Learning and A Collection from the LeapPad Library. It also included Tad's Good Night, A Day at Moss Lake, The Day Leap Ate Olives, and Leap's Friends From A to Z.


Jim Marggraff (USA) is the narrator of the story; David Bamber (UK) narrates the British-English version.

Teaching Concepts

This book teaches young readers to pronounce words with short vowels by sounding them out and recognizing whole words in context.


  • Leap (debut)
  • Lily (debut)
  • Tad (debut)
  • Mrs. Frog (mentioned by Lily, but does not appear)
  • The Narrator (voice only)


Lil's tooth wiggles and has got loosened. Leap gives a pat, a tap, and a rap. Lil's tooth does tip. Leap sees the gap and he and his younger brother, Tad, hatch a plan to take it off of her mouth.

Leap has the fix that would work: “The egg would splat. The mix would spill. The jet would zip. The jug would drop. The claw will lift your tooth off!” Leap works on his new invention - “The Tooth Plucker”.

Lil might be afraid that she heard Mom calling.

When the invention goes crazy, there was a lot of chaos, but Lil sneezed her tooth out, so it all worked, thanks to the boys and - well, of course - Lil.

When Lil asked Leap to help her with another loose tooth, Leap is happy to help her anytime.


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A lily pad icon is at the bottom of the page to play a game.


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  • Pages 6-7 and 12 are removed in A Collection from the LeapPad Library. The 1999 version has the complete story (all 12 pages in the interactive book).
  • This is the only time that Leap said a word in German ("Gesundheit!" meaning "health").
  • This is the first book to have Zachary 'Zac' Schuman do Leap, Kelsey Lally do Lily and Blake Marggraff do Tad.
  • The UK version had Leap to say the more common "Bless you!" instead of "Gesundheit!".
  • When Tad says "Want me to glue it back on?", the phrase that he said was for fun only; the goof is that teeth cannot be glued back into the mouth.
  • Moral: If you need any help, always call on your family or friends.
  • The UK version has the first book using the debut of Susan Sheridan doing Leap and Emma Tate doing Lily and Tad.
  • To not confuse the players reading this, if in the Great Britain, the UK version uses the word "super", replacing "swell" (original USA version), which is a synonym to that.
  • This book introduces or marks the debuts of the Frog kids: Leap, Lily and Tad.


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