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Lily (nicknamed Lil for short as called by her friends) (born June 15, 1993; age 27) is a female frog/mascot of LeapFrog Products. She is Leap's sister. She is the middle frog child of the frog kids. She wears a pink bow on her head, a purple t-shirt with flowers, pink leggings (becoming boot-cut length in 2003) and lavender sneakers and is 7 years old. In 2009, Lily wears a yellow dress and white Mary Jane shoes. She also has a red flower on her head, on top, near one of her eyes. Since 2014, she has green hair and wears a yellow sweatshirt, jean shorts, white socks and brown shoes.


Her voice was provided by Kelsey Lally in 1999-2001, Lana Whittington in 2001-2002 (briefly), Britt McKillip in 2001 (only in The Birthday Surprise), Tosha Schmidt [singing] (2 books) in 2001, Cristina Milizia in 2002-03, Anne Marie Nestor (2003; 2 books), Sandy Fox (who uses Sailor Chibi Moon, Flonne, Tracy and Mao Onigawara’s same voice type) in 2003-2005, Kate Higgins in 2005-2008, Dorothy Elias-Fahn in 2009-13, and Kira Tozer in 2014-present.


Lily - or "Lil" as her nickname - is Leap's 3 years younger sister. She has a tolerance of her older brother's antics (does she have a choice?) and not above some mischief of her own! She will also be the first to tell you that girls like math, too because of the case that she likes her numbers better, much more than any letter of the alphabet. In the Personality and Facts section, it is revealed that she only has 2 brothers.

Personality and Facts

Lily in 2014 redesign.

Lily is a sweet, kind and loving sister to her two brothers, Leap and Tad, and also a girly-girl. She loves to have fun and stick with best friends. She is in kindergarten and follows every rule at her elementary school. Her favorite subject is arts and crafts. Her favorite sport is soccer and besides that, she loves music too; her favorite instrument is the flute, but also, besides her most favorite instrument, she plays various instruments in the Plus Writing Book, Pre-Kindergarten Math. She, in The Birthday Hunt, was also mentioned when she has only 74 days left until her birthday arrives. She also has friends, the mice in Cake and Mice Cream, a mole named Mole in Mole's Huge Nose and most importantly, Della and Casey. She also says that girls like to do mathematics, too. She once had a loose tooth in Lil's Loose Tooth. She went with Leap in A Bark In the Dark, where she and her brother find out an eerie noise. In The Birthday Surprise, she, her brothers and Grandpa Frog were at the Alphabet Pond. Lily got splashed by a fish, found ostrich eggs and realized that Mrs. Frog loves songs, and says that they wrote this song themselves, in which it was called "The Surprises of the Alphabet Pond". She is a game piece in the board game Letter Factory Game. She was seen towards the end of Leap and the Lost Dinosaur.


  • "Hello! My name is Lily, I'm Leap's twin sister! And my little brother is Tad. (usual)
  • "Okay, letters... We'll do two spins to the right, then letter I, you do an inverted pirouette, letter J, a jump-split, letter K, a kick-turn, and letter L, a lunge. Here we go!" (The Letter Factory)
  • "Everybody now!" (The Math Circus)
  • "My favorite letter is "L." (Leap's Friends from A to Z)
  • "Hey-diddle-diddle, check out this fiddle! (Pre-K Math)
  • "What's wrong, Professor?" (The Talking Words Factory)
  • "Oh my!" (Code Word Caper)
  • "Wow, Tad! You could be a Subtractobat!" (The Math Circus)
  • "Math can help us solve this mystery!" (The Time Machine Adventure)
  • "Uh oh! Now what are we going to do?" (The Talking Words Factory)
  • "Well, he sure knows his Z's." (The Letter Factory)
  • "Be careful, Leap!" (Leap's Big Day)
  • "Wow, Leap! You made him all by yourself?!" (Fiesta in the House!)
  • "Everything is going to be A-OK!" (another usual quote when assuring a gloomy character)
  • "What should we do next?" (The Talking Words Factory)
  • "I FOUND YOU, TAD! Wheeee!" (Lost and Found)
  • "Mole, let’s get a move on!" (Mole's Huge Nose)
  • "There he is!" (The Letter Factory)
  • "Hip-hip-hooray!" (Mole's Huge Nose)
  • "A surprise party for me?! I've had NO idea!" (Once Upon a Rhyme)
  • "Tad, it's really raining." (Once Upon a Rhyme)
  • "We better do a roll call to make sure all the letters are here! I'll start with Q, R, S and T. Letters, please make your appropriate sound!" (The Letter Factory)
  • "I also want to hear from E, F, G, H." (The Letter Factory)
  • "Are you OK, Mr. Websley?" (The Math Circus)
  • "Are you alright, sir?" (Code Word Caper)
  • "Tad, wake up!! We have a big problem!" (The Letter Factory)
  • "My dad is the best dad I ever had!" (The Talking Words Factory)
  • "We made Mr. Websley....lose his voice!" (Code Word Caper)
  • "Leap, We REALLY don't have time for any changes." (The Letter Factory)
  • "♪ ...and the Z says "Zzz"... ♪" (The Letter Factory)
  • "Uh oh..." (The Letter Factory)
  • "Double oops!" (The Talking Words Factory)
  • "When you have 7 minus 3, it equals 4!" (Counting on Lemonade)
  • "Sounds like an adventure to me!" (The Great Shape Mystery)