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    Mr. Frog or Dad Frog or Father Frog or Papa Frog or Leap's Dad or Leap's Father or simply Dad is a male frog, father to Leap, Lily, Tad, and a total dilf. He is a frog adult with his wife Mrs. Frog. He was voiced by Michael Mendelsohn

In the video Learn To Read at the Storybook Factory, he plays as the mother of the Three Little Pigs, the hay man, the lumberman, and the brick man. He could be very strict of his children. He was born in June 17, 1970

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Mr. Frog & Mrs. Frog's Big Day Out

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  • 2018-11-16
    This is why we double-check each and every letter. (The Letter Factory)
    2018-11-16 (1)
  • I need a new letter H at checkpoint 3, please. Letter H at checkpoint 3. (The Letter Factory)
  • Okay, Let's get in the car. Who's ready to go? (The Letter Factory)
  • Sorry Tad, I have to go to work. (Talking Words Factory)
  • Drop it Professor! (Code Word Caper)
  • That's the letter H we know in love. (The Letter Factory)
  • Time to change Your batteries! You need 4 new double A batteries. (LeapPad)