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My First LeapPad is a mini-sized LeapPad with interactive books (flipped vertically instead of traditional) and cartridges. In the development, it was formerly named LeapPad Jr.

Classic Model

The classic model is a sturdy board-like design that comes in blue/yellow (standard), red/blue, orange/sky blue/green or pink/purple.

Colors by model

Color Style Year premiered
Blue and yellow [standard] UCLA 2001
Red and blue Fire and ice 2003
Pink and purple For a Princess 2003
Orange, green and sky blue Nature's Wonder 2005

The design of it is what differentiates it from the original model, but the concepts are all the same.

Later design 2005-onwards

The design was later reshaped to be like a school bus. There are 3 different versions:

  • Traditional bus yellow (with Leap driving the bus)
  • Fire red (with Leap - again, and lowercase letters) (UK version only)
  • Princess pink and purple (with Lily driving the bus this time, and lowercase letters) (UK version only)


The base unit is simply a kid-friendly desk-like model with a speaker and an attached magic pen.

The pen's magnetic tip acts as a sensor when interacted with the special book on the base unit allowing children to explore the world of reading and more. 

The unit is shaped somewhat like a kid-sized board measuring approximately 1'7"(and 3 in. thick). On the left side is a chunky handle and a speaker.

The magic pen attaches to the bottom center of the unit by a plastic cord with a ball-like supporter (about 9 inches) and next to it, on the right handed side is the trusty circle-shaped on/off button.

The MIDI technology is the same as the original LeapPad, ultilizing Leap-font WaveTable Synthesis instruments; however, a few melodic presets/instruments were altered (e.g. For “MFLP Flute”: alteration of the original model timbre, to not confuse this with the original model).

Flip Books

The books are placed vertically instead of a traditional open-close way (like the original LeapPad).

When the flip books are placed into the platform, the LeapPad Storyteller reads through a simple story in sentences or single words as well as introducing the games and activities involving the ABCs, reading, numbers, counting, matching, music and instruments, shapes and colors, and much more on the reverse side (once you have flipped the book the other way around). Both non-fiction and fiction text is included with a variety of fun learning activities in each book. 

Each picture reveals a whole world of sound effects, voices/speech from the characters, and musical sounds according to the individual touches the child makes with the pen on the page. This makes play genuinely interactive and absorbing, and hugely valuable in terms of learning and pleasure, just like with the original LeapPad.

Book List

Original Series

TV Shows, Movies, and Adapted Books

Age Appropriateness

This is intended for preschoolers, ages 3-5 for it does not have the open/close design of the original system.


Only 3 cons are used.

  • It does not contain the stop sign.
  • There is no "MUSIC On/Off" sign - the background music is kept on.
  • Everything else remains the same as do the original LeapPad.


  • When you insert a cartridge that is not compatible, it will say "Whoops! That's not a My First LeapPad cartridge." Then, it will play Leap's Big Day automatically.
  • The speaker in this unit is a 50mm (2 inch) paper cone speaker rated for 16 ohms and .25 watts.