"No, no, no! Not at noon. Not near nine o'clock, nor next November. Not now. Not ever! Never!"

Shocked Professor Quigley

"Tad, perhaps we'll have to come back to this room."

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N is the main antagonist in the Letter Factory. It is the 14th letter of the alphabet, and the blackest letter of the alphabet.

Talking Words Factory


The N's goal is to destroy the English and Hebrew Alphabet by any means necessary. They attempt to accomplish this goal by wiping all other letters into existence, typically in a "drive-by" fashion. They believe the only real letter is N and that no other letters should be allowed to exist.


After leaving the M room, Professor and Tad went to the N room and Professor Quigley knocked on the door. An N comes towards the door and sadly glances at 2 visitors: Tad the frog, and Professor Quigley the weasel. The N announces "NO!" rudely and slammed the door. He later convinced them to go away by saying "Nope! Nuh-uh!" and "NO, NO, NO! NOT noon! NOT near 9:00, nor next November! Not now! Not ever! NEVER!", and slammed the door one more time. Professor Quigley had bad news and temporally tells Tad that they'll have to come back to the N's room soon. But Tad noticed that the N says "Nnnn!"

In the Letters on the Loose game, the N letters turned nice when the player clears the minigame where they're required to find all the N letters hiding in the pipes.

The N's Room on the InsideEdit

The N's room is boarded up and the N letters wouldn't let any visitors enter their room.


Being mean to visitors,


They boarded their door because they would not let any visitors come in. Ns don't want anyone in their room. Their answers are always no! They are sarcastic and evil like the Big Bad Wolf.

They are a bit crabby like Oscar the Grouch and the Grinch.

They are red, and act like a really nettled person.


The N letters are creatures that are literally shaped like the letter N and are mostly red in color.

Clip TranscriptEdit

[Professor Quigley and Tad went to the N room. Then, Quigley knocked at the door three times]

  • Quigley: Hello? Anybody home? The N letters can be a little bit crabby. [mosquito buzzes in, the letter N narrows his eyes at Professor Quigley]
  • Quigley: Hello, I'm teaching Tad here all about the letter N, and I was wondering if you'd be so kind to let us hear your sound.
  • N: NO! [closing the door]
  • Tad: [gasps in shock distractedly]

[Quigley knocks door 3 times]

  • Quigley: How about at noon?
  • N: Nope.
  • Quigley: Near nine o'clock?
  • N: Nu-uh.
  • Quigley: Next November?
  • N: NO, NO, NO! NOT noon, NOT near 9 o'clock, nor next November! Not now! Not ever! NEVER!!!! [laughs evilly]
  • [*SLAMMING DOOR *]' (Quigley gasps in shock)
  • Quigley: Tad, perhaps we'll have to come back to this room. [mosquito lands on Tad's cap]
  • Tad: Hey, Professor, the N says, 'Nn'.
  • Quigley: Why, that's correct!
  • N: [opens the door and reluctantly lets Tad and Professor Quigley in] Very well. You may come in! [Some N letters gather round them, and Quigley writes an N on a slate board, in Comic Sans MS (in the Leapster version)]
  • Quigley:♪ The N says... ♪
  • All: 'Nn'!
  • Quigley: ♪ The N says... ♪
  • All: 'Nn'!
  • Quigley: ♪ Every letter makes a sound, the N says... ♪
  • All: 'Nn'! [irises out on the mosquito (in the Leapster version)]


No! [slams door]


Nuh uh!

No, no, no! Not noon! Not near 9:00! Nor next November! Not now! Not ever! NEVER! [slams door]

And the N says "Nnnnn!"

No! Not now!

Nuh nuh nuh!

No! Not again! Bummer!

Nice! You found me!

I love to nibble on noodles!

I love to nibble on nuts!
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