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Phonics Radio is a 2002 toy by LeapFrog Enterprises. It has 26 letters of the alphabet.


The game is called Find that Letter. DJ Leap will play a song from the page the player is on. The player must press the letter that matches the song before the song ends.



Letter Songs

4 Traditional Songs

  • The Alphabet Song
  • Old MacDonald (Old MacDonald Had a Farm in the UK version)
  • This Old Man
  • Row Your Boat (Row, Row, Row Your Boat in the UK version)

Letters of the Alphabet

  • Aa
  • Bb
  • Cc
  • Dd
  • Ee
  • Ff
  • Gg
  • Hh
  • Ii
  • Jj
  • Kk
  • Ll
  • Mm
  • Nn
  • Oo
  • Pp
  • Qq
  • Rr
  • Ss
  • Tt
  • Uu
  • Vv
  • Ww
  • Xx
  • Yy
  • Zz


  • All pages have 6 letters each, except the last page. 1 letter gets the same tune.
  • In the US version, the letters are in uppercase/capital (ABC), while in the UK version, the letters are in lowercase (abc).
  • The Alphabet Song is the only one of the 4 traditional songs that has words.
  • In the US version, the singers (Julie Stevens, Stephen Lam and Melissa Lyons Caldretti, respectively) say the letter sounds, while in the UK version, DJ Leap says those.
  • The other 3 traditional songs are the instrumentals.
  • Leap sings the Alphabet song in the US version only in the toy with a frog over the LeapFrog logo.


  • In the US version, the colors yellow and purple are switched on the pages.
  • On the last page of the US version, A is red and B is blue.
  • In the UK version, the sound of the letter N from the US version is used.
  • The song about the letter Z is on the top right after the first song, but not below it.
  • On the first page, A is a vowel, but it's blue, and B is a consonant, but it's red.