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Pre-Kindergarten Math (in the UK, Maths Magic) is a LeapPad game available in the LeapPad Plus Writing and Microphone including the interactive book and cartridge. It teaches math with the frogs: Leap, the present giver, music-maker Lily and cake creator Tad - celebrating Squirmy's birthday in "Ten Consecutive Days" and watching him change into a butterfly.



“Strike up the band! These instruments are the newest things!”: Instruments that Lily plays

  • A wavy keyboard
  • Two-sided horns
  • Three stringed fiddle
  • A set of 4 drums
  • 5-horn-pipe
  • Pogo-cello
  • A sax blowing 7 bubbles each note
  • A 1-girl-band
  • 9-stringed guitar
  • The world’s biggest tuba

“I created these crazy cakes!”: Tad’s Cake Creations

  • A blueberry cupcake (but with “no candles”)
  • Funfetti
  • Mint Icing
  • Blue icing
  • Vanilla frosted delight
  • Choco-raspberry
  • Limoncello
  • Mud Pie
  • Vanilla-Funfetti ice-cream cake
  • Strawberry shortcake (“Tall-cake”)
  • The Strongman


  • 1 one
  • 2 two
  • 3 three
  • 4 four
  • 5 five
  • 6 six
  • 7 seven
  • 8 eight
  • 9 nine
  • 10 ten


  • This is the only book where Lily plays other various instruments (besides her actual favorite -- the flute).
  • The alternative title is Celebrations And Counting: A Math Adventure with Squirmy and the Frog Children. However, the author and the staff thinks it’s a little too long and they simplified the title to "Pre-Kindergarten Math".
  • This is the first product (and LeapPad book) to have Debi Derryberry do Tad (although Nicole Rapp speaks very few lines for him on a few pages).
  • It is also the the only book to have Sam Kelly voice Squirmy.
  • This is the first Alphaville book to have Robin Smith voice the narrator, replacing Michael Mendelsohn.
  • If you listen properly, Lily’s voice sounds very much the same, just like in the four videos: “Letter Factory,” “Talking Words Factory,” “Math Circus,” and “Code Word Caper” (when voiced by Sandy Fox [aka Marie Danielle]).