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Professor Quigley in the Leapster version of The Letter Factory.

Professor Quigley in The Letter Factory.

--A Tad of Christmas Cheer

Professor Quigley in a world where Tad doesn't exist


S & T in bed

Professor Quigley is a character who runs the factory with Leap, Lily, and Tad. He is educational and smart.

He is voiced by the late Tony Pope in the videos "The Letter Factory" and "Talking Words Factory", Phil Proctor in the videos "Math Circus" and "Code Word Caper" and the late Doug Boyd in the videos "Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory" and "A Tad of Christmas Cheer" (as well as the LeapPad games, Reading and Writing: Tad’s Great Day at the Letter Factory, The Time Machine Adventure and Leap and the Lost Dinosaur, and the Leapster games, Letters on the Loose and Counting On Zero).


Professor Quigley is an ingenious scientist, whose tail sticks out and getting through his shirt and pants. He has red hair, black snout, and shaved whiskers. His standard uniform is consisted of glasses, a lab coat and an orange tie. He always dresses himself into any outfit he wears, and he looks. It's unknown what animal he's supposed to be



  • The Letter Factory - He shows Tad all the letter training rooms from A to Z. He has a ruler. He has a karate suit where his bare feet are seen.
  • The Talking Words Factory - He shows Leap, Lily, and Tad the vowels, the blends, and how to make words.
  • The Math Circus - He shows Leap, Lily, and Tad the numbers from 0 to 10 and how to add, subtract, and skip count by ten. He is the ringmaster of the circus.
  • Code Word Caper - He shows Leap, Lily, and Tad that vowels, including sometimes Y, can say their names. He also shows him Silent E, the CH-SH-TH Sound Machine, and when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. And whenever someone says "help", a Professor Quigley clone appears.
  • Learn To Read at the Storybook Factory - He shows Tad how to read. He also shows him punctuation, & CHUNKING.
  • A Tad of Christmas Cheer - In a world where Tad doesn't exist, he lives in a log cabin feeling sad not making a sound excepting groans and moans. He thinks his Tree Trimmer invention is supposed to be a hair in the trimmer machine.

LeapPad Learning System and Leapster games






  • Correct!
  • Fantastic!
  • Marvelous!
  • Ha ha! Excellent observation.
  • Hopping homonyms!
  • Leaping linguistics!

Videos and Games

  • Huh? Well, wait a minute. Let's just see about that.
  • As I suspected, just perfect for learning letters!
  • Allow me to introduce myself. My card.
  • (on his card) The name is Quigley, Professor Quigley.
  • Me! In these classrooms we teach every letter to make it's correct sound. Why don't you join the A's, Tad?
  • Works every time.
  • Perfect! That was exactly the right sound for the letter A. “Ah” as in "ant".
  • What do the A's say?
  • Hold it! Hold it!
  • I heard a boom boom boom.
  • You are not cannons. You are the letter B, and...
  • (flies away from the B room to the C room) WHOOOOAAAA!
  • This thing weighs a ton!
  • No, it's okay! Watch this!
  • Yes, the sound of the letter F is “ffff,” as in the word FLY. Let's try it.
  • Yes, that word works too!
  • Why do you say that?
  • He has learned them all from A to Z.
  • Ah, the K letters are hard at work!
  • Ah, grasshopper. It is the kick to learn the sound of the most humble letter K.
  • Welcome to the tastiest room in the whole factory!
  • Hello, Anybody home? The N letters can be a little bit crabby.
  • How about at noon?
  • Near 9 o'clock?
  • Next November?
  • Tad, perhaps we'll have to come back to this room.
  • Why, that's correct!
  • (singing) Lullaby...Z-Z-Z...catch some Z's when day is done...”Z-Z-Z”...is your sound...now go to sleep my little one.
  • Hold it! Hold it! ZAT's not a word!
  • ZAT's not okay!
  • Some letters make AT words and others do not.
  • Actually, that's the letter F.
  • Certainly, but I hope we don't get airsick.
  • Will they make it, ladies and gentlemen? Hold your breath!
  • I miss my CAT.
  • This is the way we train the I letters to make their sound.
  • Yeah, uh, uh, false alarm! Everyone, back to work!
  • Why, 0, you don't have any quidgets. The number zero means none.
  • Some of the old word machines are getting new parts.
  • Very well done, but, Tad, I think you don't look so good.
  • And water makes the H's h-h-happy.
  • Brrr... Good thing I wore my long underwear.
  • Uh, hi kids, how are you kids, uh, bye kids, sorry kids, but I've got to take care of a big order!
  • This is our E trainer. He's teaching the sound of the letter E. "E" as in egg.
  • (singing) The (letter) says... The (letter) says... Every letter makes a sound, the (letter) says...
  • Tad, this room is for U.
  • Not me, U.
  • Never mind. Just follow me.
  • Class, in addition to Tad joining us today. we have two guest speakers: Dicky Duck and Molly Mallard!
  • They'll be discussing the sound of the letter Q. Please, Molly. Begin!
  • Any questions? Good. Now let's review!
  • Kids, meet the Word Whammer 3000! I call him Whammy for short.
  • Bravo! Now the two letters S and T are all stuck together while they landed, and don't forget their sounds.
  • Great, now let's take them back to Whammy!
  • Bravo! Perhaps we had best be going.
  • That's why some words are complex words!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, count out loud with us!
  • Are you ready Quidget Family?
  • That makes two of us.
  • And now that we built all these words, we can send them to the dictionaries!
  • This is the "C" room. C makes the cc sound as in "cold".
  • Leap, Lily, Tad, as a reward for knowing your letters, I present you not with t-shirts, but with Alpha-Z shirts!
  • (singing) Hurry hurry, Step right up!
  • Uhh...switch broke years ago.
  • Well d-done, Taddy-o!
  • 1+1=2
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I now direct you to look not left, not right, and not down, but UP!
  • (singing) You got (number) and (number) quidget, and that's not all. (number) little coin on a shelf on a wall. (number) of Tad's fingers, those aren't his toes. A (number) quidget worm, let's see how it grows and that's the number (number).
  • You see kids, when the vowels, first come into the factory, they're just like any other letters.
  • But then, we turn them into, special sticky letters, with the Sticky-Ick-O-Rama!
  • Nice and gooey!
  • That's a lowercase “b”, Tad. And this large one is called a capital “B”.
  • Each letter can be either a capital or a lowercase, but they both make the same sound, no matter what the shape or size.
  • Come on, it's showtime!
  • Welcome to the Letter Factory! You have arrived just in time! I've just got a big order for Mr. Websley, and I need you to help me fill it!
  • Together, we can create the world's first talking ABC book!
  • Now it's your turn.
  • Oh, I bet the letters want to say goodbye. Let's go!