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The Birthday Surprise is a LeapPad game including the interactive book and cartridge intended for the LeapStart Section. It is also available in the Plus Writing and Microphone. It is also available in the LeapFrog SchoolHouse. It teaches early reading (pre-reading) with the frogs and a very special day, their mother's birthday.


When Leap, Lily and Tad want to buy Mom a birthday gift, Grandpa takes them to a magical place called the Alphabet Pond to find many surprising things, but nothing seems to go right, until Tad found the way, by asking the umbrellas in song. They found a rose and wrote a song for Mom, who loves the gift.


Frog Family

Alphabet Pond Characters

Letters of the Alphabet

  • Aa
  • Bb
  • Cc
  • Dd
  • Ee
  • Ff
  • Gg
  • Hh
  • Ii
  • Jj
  • Kk
  • Ll
  • Mm
  • Nn
  • Oo
  • Pp
  • Qq
  • Rr
  • Ss
  • Tt
  • Uu
  • Vv
  • Ww
  • Xx
  • Yy
  • Zz

The Pond

  • Alligator Baking Cookies
  • Dogs Eating French Fries
  • Goats Hopping Igloos
  • Jumping Kittens Laughing
  • Monkeys Netting Otters
  • Panda Queen Relaxing
  • Seven Trick Umbrellas
  • Vikings Wearing X-rays
  • Yellow Zebras Zipping

Beginning in Letters

  • alligator (Aa)
  • bumblebee (Bb)
  • cat (Cc)
  • dog (Dd)
  • elephant (Ee)
  • fish (Ff)
  • goat (Gg)
  • hat (Hh)
  • igloo (Ii)
  • jar (Jj)
  • kite (Kk)
  • lamp (Ll)
  • monkey (Mm)
  • net (Nn)
  • otter (Oo)
  • pig (Pp)
  • queen (Qq)
  • rug (Rr)
  • snake (Ss)
  • turtle (Tt)
  • umbrella (Uu)
  • violin (Vv)
  • watermelon (Ww)
  • x-ray (Xx)
  • yak (Yy)
  • zebra (Zz)

Colors and Shapes

  • Yellow Circle
  • Red Square
  • Blue Star
  • Green Triangle

Featured Songs

  1. The Surprises of the Alphabet Pond (melody: “The Twelve Days of Christmas”)
  2. If You're Happy/Sad and You Know It (adapted by/lyrics by Jeanne Parson)
  3. Hey, Umbrellas!
  4. The Alphabet Song (arr. Gary Schwantes)


There are two lily pad icons at the bottom of the page to play a game.


There is a music button at the bottom of a page to sing a song. The cover says "sing along to three silly songs," but there are actually 4. Two of the songs are originals, while the other 2 are Public Domain.