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The Letter Factory is the first video in the LeapFrog series. It was released on December 9, 2003. A version was also made for Leapster, with some alterations.



The Frog family visit The Letter Factory. Leap and Lily help with the special presentation. Leap carries the letters E, F, G, and H, and Lily does a dance with the big letter O, crashing onto the letters. After the crash, Tad wonders how many letters are there, Leap tells them that there are 26. While Leap and Lily prepare for Mr. Frog's special presentation, Tad visits Professor Quigley to learn his letters. Mr. Frog also gives Mr. Websley a tour.

The A room features the A letters get scared by a monster. The B room resembles an orchestra classroom or a chorus classroom with the B conductor conducting Beethoven's Symphony No. 5. Suddenly, One of the B letters blows the tuba so hard it blows Tad, Professor Quigley and the B conductor out of the room. Tad and Professor Quigley land in the C room, where it's c-c-cold. Suddenly, a giant snowball comes, the C's jump out the way while Professor Quigley and Tad start running from the snowball and screaming as they get trapped in the snowball which then bursts out of the C room across the hall and finally crashes into the door to the D room causing it to fall apart. In the D room, the D class is playing jazz music, and the D trainer is playing a drum.

Leap directs the first four letters, A, B, C, and D, to make their sound. Then, when he turns on the spotlight, the letters A, B, C, and D are blinded and they end up bumping into each other.

Professor Quigley and Tad go to the E room, where an elderly E trainer says "eh" when he's trying to hear. Professor Quigley claps his hands, but then breaks the egg. Then, he cleans his hands and he and Tad leave the E room. In the F room, the F letters flap their wings and fly to their sound. In the G room, the G letters say their sound as they lift dumbbells. The H room is tropical climate where the H letters say their sound.

Mr. Frog shows Mr. Websley a machine where he double checks all the letters. Berfter appears after the first 7 letters of the alphabet show up on the machine, which shocks him. Mr. Frog explains that the Berfter is why they double check all the letters. He cancels him out and calls a letter H at checkpoint 3.

Before entering the I room, Professor Quigley tries to ink the pen on the lowercase i, but then fails, until he splattered it on. Inside the I room, the I letters say their sound when they get squirted with green slime. The J room has the J letters say their sound while jumping on trampolines. The K room has the K letters say their sound while performing karate kicks. The L room feature the L letters say their sounds while licking their lollipops in the tune of Blue Danube Waltz.

Lily then gets the letters, I, J, K, and L to do dance moves.

In the M room, the M letters make their sound when they eat foods. Tad accidentally burps and says "Excuse me". Then, Professor Quigley and Tad try to go into the N room, but unfortunately, the N letter doesn't let any visitors in their room, so they boarded the door. Professor Quigley asks the N trainer if he would hear the sound, but the mean N trainer rudely says "No!" and slams the door. Quigley tries to enter, but the N trainer later tells them to go away even at noon, near nine o'clock, nor next November by saying "NO, NO, NO! Not noon, not near nine o'clock, nor next November. Not now! Not ever. NEVER!". Professor Quigley tells Tad that they may have to come back to the N room, until Tad tells Quigley that the N says "nnn". Then, the N letters (offscreen) reluctantly let them in. Later in the O room, the O letters swing on the vine over a pond with an octopus and shout their sound like Tarzan. The P room features the P letters turning into popcorn when saying their sound.

Mrs. Frog plays the piano as the letters M, N, O, and P sing their sounds.

In the Q room, two guest speakers, Dicky Duck and Molly Mallard, have a quacking argument. The R room features a race track where the R letters race to their sound. The S room is a seminar-like class where Tad and the S letters are S-embled for an S-embly and the guest speaker snake hisses to the sound. In the T room, Professor Quigley and Tad watch the T letters toe-tap to their sound while drinking tea.

Leap and Lily pop out coughing when the big special effects smoke machine doesn't help the presentation. The letters Q, R, S, and T pop out of the smoke to sing their sounds. When Leap and Lily realize Mr. Frog told them they need to keep an eye on Tad, they start looking for him.

In the U room, the U letters say their sound as they go up and open up their umbrellas. The V room features the V letters vibrating to their sound. The W room has the W letters rap to their sound. In the X room, the X letters turn into X-rays and Professor Quigley and Tad can see their inside. The Y room has the Y letters practice cheerleading to their sound.

As Leap and Lily have run through the factory looking for Tad, but they can't find him, they are fearing about their dad getting worried.

Leap and Lily finally found Tad in the Z room sleeping with the Z's. They wake Tad up because of a big problem for the presentation.

During the presentation, Tad sings a song about the letters from A to Z. Finally, Mr. Frog and Mr. Websley thank Leap, Lily and Tad for the help. Then, Professor Quigley rewards Leap, Lily, and Tad with Alpha-Z shirts. Tad thanks Leap for the special presentation.

The scene irises out and the credits roll.

Differences form the Leapster version

  • Mr. Frog is shown while he is saying "Okay, let's get in the car. Who's ready to go?"
  • The Frog kids don't groan and Leap also doesn't point out the time is 6:00.
  • The title doesn't appear on the garage door.
  • The drive to the Factory is shorter.
  • The singing letters in the word "LETTER" are in their usual letter colors instead of all red.
  • Mrs. Frog doesn't sing "Mr. Websley is coming around to see our letters and hear their sounds."
  • Leap doesn't introduce Mr. Frog with the microphone.
  • Lily doesn't do a dance with the big letter O.
  • Leap drops the letters E, F, G, and H.
  • In the A segment, Professor Quigley takes the head of the monster suit off his head offscreen. He also doesn't clean it at all.
  • Professor Quigley and Tad are shown walking to the B room.
  • When each review song ends, a curtain closes.
  • Leap doesn't test the remote control spotlight in the A, B, C, and D review.
  • In the E segment, the ending where Professor Quigley cleans his hands before leaving is cut.
  • Professor Quigley doesn't wear a sunhat in the H segment.
  • Professor Quigley writes the letter H on his usual slate instead of on the steel tray.
  • In the scene where Mr. Frog double-checks the letters, only E, F, and G are seen on a conveyor belt.
  • Berfter has eyes and no wires.
  • The dot on the lowercase i from the I room door isn't missing.
  • In the I room, only Tad gets slimed.
  • In the K segment, Professor Quigley doesn't kick the wall and break into pieces.
  • The L letters don't sing the Blue Danube Waltz.
  • Lily doesn't get the letters, I, J, K, and L to do dance moves.
  • The letter M swaps to the N segment.
  • The N trainer's face stays angry for the whole time, implying that he's very rude.
  • When the letter O trainer says "The O says "o-o", as in Ox and Octopus", it is smiling instead of frowning.
  • The letter O swaps to the P segment.
  • The popcorn bag swaps to the M, N, O, and P review segment.
  • In the R segment, Professor Quigley and Tad aren't dirty by the racing R letters. Instead, they just simply pop out in smoke, all nice and clean.
  • In the T segment, Professor Quigley doesn't ask Tad if he knows that his name is like an English afternoon.
  • The smoke in the Q, R, S, and T review is absent.
  • In the V segment, the vase breaks.
  • In the X segment, two X letters appear before Professor Quigley turns on the X-ray lights.
  • In the Y segment, Professor Quigley doesn't wear a letter Y sweater.
  • When Leap and Lily look for Tad, Mr. Frog is shown when he is saying "And it is this strict training which makes our letters remarkably dependable". Also, letter Z's appear on the conveyor belt.
  • The Letter Z Lullaby isn't sung.
  • Mr. Frog doesn't ask Mrs. Frog where Leap and Lily are.
  • Tad doesn't shout "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!" before the closing song.
  • Professor Quigley doesn't reward the Frog kids Alpha-Z shirts.
  • After the ending scene irises out, the Leapster automatically powers down.