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The book's front cover, with one of the ants (from the page The Ants Take it Away) and Gordo Globe

The Smart Guide to 1st Grade is a LeapPad game available in the Plus Writing and Microphone including the interactive book and cartridge. The erasable marker is not available.

Characters in Subjective Pages

Main Cast and Guides


  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Zookeeper
  • Royal Minstrel (page: Castle Chaos)
  • Pirates
  • Ants
  • Gordo Globe
  • Children (page: Emotional Theater)


Language Arts

  • Alphabet Soup
  • The Silent "e" Machine
  • Crack the Code Words
  • Castle Chaos
  • The Day Little Red Planned Ahead


  • Zany Zoo Addition
  • The Ants Take it Away
  • Treasure Trouble
  • Toys for Sale

Social Studies / Geography

  • Gordo Globe Saves the World!


  • Forest Find

Music / Emotions

  • Emotional Theater


There are different icons at the bottom of the page to play a game.


  • In the page Emotional Theater, if you touch Lily (top right), she will say "Music makes my heart sing!" and then play her flute. This is the last time that Lily's favorite instrument is noted to be the flute.
  • Gordo Globe (p. 20-21) is voiced by Charles Martinet in this book.
  • Little Red Riding Hood (p. 10-11), The Zookeeper (p. 12-13) and some kids (p. 24-25) are all voiced by Deanna Mustard.