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The Surprises of the Alphabet Pond is a song from The Birthday Surprise, sung by Leap, Lily and Tad. The song is about the things that they saw in the Alphabet Pond while looking for Mom's gift (which is a rose).


The Three: For Mom on her birthday,
We wondered what she liked...

Tad: Yellow Zebras Zipping,

Lily: Vikings Wearing X-rays,

Tad: Seven Trick Umbrellas,

Lily: Panda Queen Relaxing,

Leap: Monkeys Netting Otters,

Lily: Jumping Kittens Laughing,

Tad: Goats Hopping Igloos,

Lily: Dogs Eating French Fries,

Tad: Alligator Baking Cookies,

The Three: We'll find it
At the Alphabet Pond!

The Three: Mom, for your birthday
We almost gave to you:

(Repeat lines from Yellow Zebras to Alligator)

The Three: We've found it
At the Alphabet Pond!


  • This song is sung to the tune of the English Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas (which is also one of the 9 bonus Christmas sing-along songs in the DVD A Tad of Christmas Cheer), as the Frog Kids are doing it with the alphabet and the things that start with that letter.

Song Credits

Music and Lyrics by Jeanne Parson

Arranged by Gary Schwantes, Andy Belling and Matt Huesmann