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There are Candidates for deletion that needs to get deleted from LeapFrog Fandom website.

To the Fandom Community, as you know a month ago, Leap Frog Fandom was vandalized by some misguided user who made up the fake articles and irrelevant information, especially making existing educational videos into horror films which are fake and I'll have to take down the fake articles and clean out the vandalism from LeapFrog Fandom page since I have grown up playing LeapFrog toys and watching LeapFrog Videos.

I need the Fandom Staff site maintenance staff to help me get the fake articles cited for deletion on Candidates for deletion to get deleted for good. As a precaution I would like to have LeapFrog Fandom website to increase its security by barring unsigned Fandom contributors from potentially vandalizing this page with fake, hoax articles. And have users be required to have fandom accounts to contribute future edits, as well as avoid deceiving users.

Also to the fandom users contributing to Leap Frog page, when editing official Leap Frog page articles, please be respectful and keep it relevant to the Living Books Fandom page. Official Character pages, people's biography pages, song pages, games and toys articles are welcome, but anything with hoax articles or anything unrelated to Leap Frog Fandom page will be removed.  Thank you for helping me and fans of Leap Frog build this fandom page for viewers to enjoy.

Please! Please! It wasn't me putting in all this false information!


You might've banned me again! I wasn't the one putting in all this false info here! Someone was trying to deceive them as true and trying to ban me! I don’t mean to put these fake stuff. For real, I mean, I'm only on here to fix information on articles that aren't true, plus adding in REAL and TRUE information on the Leapfrog Wiki. I don’t want to get blocked from Fandom Wiki for not doing anything wrong. Really I didn’t not. I will try to fix the articles and remove the off topic articles.

thank you

Allan Bao (talk) 17:04, 29 August 2021 (UTC)