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Leap Frog Wiki Cleanup

To the Fandom Community, as you know since last year, Leap Frog Fandom was vandalized by several misguided users, like NightcapEevee, who made up the fake articles on fake VHS openings on non-LeapFrog topics and/or a horror movie on Letter Factory which are fake and I'll taken down the fake articles. I had to clean out the vandalism from Leap Frog Fandom page since I've grown up playing Leap Frog toys and watching Leap Frog Learning Videos.

I need the Fandom Staff site maintenance staff to help me get all the fake articles cited for deletion on Candidates for deletion to get deleted for good. As a precaution I would like to have Leap Frog Fandom website to increase its security by barring unsigned Fandom contributors from potentially vandalizing this page with fake, hoax articles, and have users be required to have fandom accounts to contribute future edits.

Also to the fandom users contributing to Leap Frog pages, when editing official Leap Frog page articles, please be respectful and keep it relevant to the Leap Frog Fandom page. Official character pages, people's biography pages, song pages, location places, toys, Learning Videos, and software articles are welcome, but anything with hoax articles or anything unrelated to Leap Frog Fandom page will be removed. Thank you for helping me and fans of Leap Frog build this fandom page for viewers to enjoy.

Allan Bao (talk) 16:29, 23 November 2021 (UTC)

I'm Sorry, But Urgent!

Hello, Allan.

NightcapEevee has been reverting transcripts to the ones with fake or irrelevant or hoax material. I and you will not tolerate any fake material in LeapFrog pages.

This wiki needs cleaning up. So, as usual, we can only put LeapFrog related things on the LEAPFROG RELATED PAGES such as characters, transcripts, songs, games, LeapPad material, people behind LeapFrog and only TRUE LEAPFROG INFORMATION.

Let's work together to fix and clean up this wiki! LeapFrog things are OK, but NO fake or hoax or irrelevant stuff here! (Also, LunaMouse23 is also using TRUE LeapFrog images and information, since she and I are the ones putting true info to this wiki and following guidelines).

NutbrownFan100 talk 17:09, 22 October 2021 (PDT)

I know you talked about the Leap Frog Wiki has been vandalized by some random user putting things irrelevant to Leap Frog or put hoax information on the pages. I know I never put this kind of stuff so I can’t get falsely accused. All I just do is remove all the fake stuff and replace them with REAL and TRUE Leap Frog information regarding characters, toys, videos, and books.

Thank You!

Allan Bao (talk) 00:14, 23 October 2021 (UTC)

Listen Here.

EeveeNightcap and LunaMouse23.

I don’t mean to overhauling these pages like LunaMouse23. I have to delete these pages they are off topic from Leap Frog. Seriously. Since there are too many off topic stuff, I need to make TRUE information. Can you please unblock me? Thank you.

Can yon explain why made the pages and Leapfrog Video Transcripts better without any errors?

Allan Bao (talk) 21:44, 28 August 2021 (UTC)

Hi Allan

I made a Fandom page called The Official LeapFrog Videos Wiki, and I am looking for someone to contribute. Feel free to join, so you do not have to deal with that false info trash.

Sorry to say this, but...

I notice alot of anonymous contributors putting false information on to Leap Frog wiki, such as stuff not related to Leap Frog as well as making educational videos into horror films, too bad the real admin haven't done anything about it so if you see this you need to delete hoax articles as well as fixing this wiki NOW, seriously, this is not a fanon wiki.

Hi, Allan Bao.

Say April Fools to NightcapEevee. We have the real version Letter Factory in the script.